Karnataka Board Syllabus for Biology

A science that is concerned with the living organism and their life, their origin, makeup, role, development, growth and distribution is known as Biology. Karnataka Board Syllabus for Biology tell you all about it dividing its syllabus in seven units namely The Living World, Life Processes: their control and coordination, Biotechnology, Food Production and Management, Microbes, Study of Cells and Environmental Science. All these Karnataka Board Biology Syllabus topics are explained in very detailed and understandable language in their text book. Like in the Living World unit they have explained what is whom you called living and whom a non-living organism that is also included in Karnataka Board Syllabus for Biology. Biology as a subject is itself divided in two disciplines Zoology and Botany. Zoology is about animal monarchy and Botany is a study about plant kingdom. This all is given in very efficient manner in Karnataka Board Syllabus for Biology.
A syllabus is something that you use to prepare for your exam, and it is something on the basis of which examiners decide what can be asked in the exam of any particular class. Like the syllabus of the other boards Karnataka Board Biology Syllabus is also given in a manner so that student don't get bored, experts have kept inn mind that things should be explained such that they catches the interest of student. For that they used as much diagrams as needed, more and more examples and have given in between questions out of each subtopic in Karnataka Board Syllabus for Biology. A diagrammatic representation of anything is a good way to fetch the interest of a student for any topic. This subject itself is a very interesting subject as it talks about us, the human; plants and animals, from which we are surrounded all the time. Students who have a keen interest can go into following industries like education and research. For further details about the Karnataka Board Biology Syllabus just click on our web portal and get whatever needed.



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