ICSE Board Syllabus for Sociology

ICSE Board Syllabus for Sociology by Class
  • ICSE BOARD Class 12 Syllabus for Sociology

    There will be two papers in the subject. Paper I - Theory:  3 hours ……70 marks Paper II- Practical Work ……30 marks PAPER - I  (THEORY) – 70 Marks Part 1 (20 marks) will consist of  compulsory shortanswer questions testing knowledge, application andskills relating to elementary / fundamental aspects of the entire syllabus. Part II (50 marks) wi...Read More

  • ICSE BOARD Class 11 Syllabus for Sociology

    1. To familiarise candidates with the basic concepts of Sociology and Anthropology. 2. To develop in candidates an understanding of various forces that constitute social life and social problems. 3. To create an awareness of the process of change and development in general and with reference to the Indian society in particular. 4. To provide candidates ...Read More