ICSE Board Syllabus for Sociology

To make the students familiar with the concepts of sociology, we are providing the ICSE Board Syllabus for Sociology on our page of the edurite boards. The ICSE Sociology Syllabus has all the major topics of the subject. Some topics of the Sociology are described below
Topics included in ICSE Sociology Syllabus for class 11th are
1. origin and development of sociology and Anthropology
2. The nature of society including concepts and characteristics
3. Race, Ethnicity and culture: Concept of race with definition, traits and racial types, Notion and attributes of culture, Indian traditions, Notion of Ethnicity (Definition and features), relationship between race and culture, Examples of ethnic separatism.
4. Natural and social selection including Heredity and Environment: Natural selection and heredity, Social selection and environment and Interplay of heredity and environment.
5. Social stratification: Social stratification (Definition, differences and inequality), the class system (Nature, development and types of classes), the caste system (concept, caste origin and class comparison, Caste in the country).
6. Population and other social problems: Over population, crime, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, Impact of urbanization on the environment, alleviating the problems etc.
These theory chapters contain seventy marks out of hundred marks. The remaining thirty marks are included in the practical assessment.
For the class 12th, in the ICSE Sociology Syllabus some increments are made as per the norms. Some major topics of the ICSE Board Syllabus for Sociology are listed below
1. Social institutions
2. Kinship and clan
3. Marriage and Inheritance
4. The family
5. Religion, Magic and Morality
6. Economic organization
7. Women in society
8. Law and justice
9. Social change and development
10. Tribal India in past, present and future
These are some major topics of the subject and include in the class 12th chapters. For more information about the ICSE Sociology Syllabus students need to visit the page of the edurite boards to get the information related to the subject and different boards.