ICSE Board Syllabus for Psychology

Psychology comes under the category of Humanities. The ICSE Board Syllabus for Psychology is provided on edurite board’s website. Here all the information about the ICSE Psychology Syllabus is listed. The first section of the ICSE Board Syllabus for Psychology contains the following
1. About Psychology: Definition, nature, social science, psychoanalysis, structuralism, Functionalism, Emerge of Psychology as an independent discipline Fields of psychology, benefits, Heredity and environment.
2. Methods of psychology: Scientific method in psychology, observation, case study, surveys, psychological experiments and their uses, interpretation of research results etc.
3. Attention and Perception: Nature of attention (Inner and outer determinants), perceptual processes (Difference between sensation and perception), Process involving in transforming sensation to perception, important factors in perceptual process, errors in perception, Errors in perception (illusion of size and shape).
The second section of the ICSE Psychology Syllabus includes the topics described below
4. Emotions and Motivation: The meaning of emotion, Theories of emotion dealing with psychological aspects, the meaning of motives, needs and instincts, unconscious motives, Theories of motivation, social motives and frustration etc.
5. Learning: Definition of learning, Meaning, conditions, types and different styles of learning, learning disabilities and the related topics.
6. Another topic of ICSE Psychology Syllabus is Remembering and Forgetting: The memory system (The different models), Trace decay, retro and pro active inferences, attention, use of imagery, Mnemonic devices, application of principles of learning.
7. Thinking problem solving and creativity: Meaning of thinking (Nature and elements of thinking, Images, concepts and languages and thought, different kinds of thinking), Concepts (Importance of concept of thinking), reasoning (common errors in reasoning, ways to make reasoning more effective, decision making and problem solving algorithms etc.), creative thinking etc.

Thirty marks are included in the ICSE Psychology Syllabus for the practical assessment and the remaining topics are included in the practical session. The further detail about the ICSE Board Syllabus for Psychology can be seen on the portal of edurite web page. We also provide the question papers which are based on the syllabus of ICSE Board.
ICSE Board Syllabus for Psychology by Class
  • ICSE BOARD Class 12 Syllabus for Psychology

    There will be two papers in the subject. Paper I - Theory: 3 hours     …70 marks Paper II- Practical Work:      …30 marks PAPER - I    (THEORY) – 70 Marks Part I  (20 marks) will consist of  compulsory short answer questions relating to the fundamental aspects of the entire syllabus. Part II  (50 marks) will consist of  two  sections,A and ...Read More

  • ICSE BOARD Class 11 Syllabus for Psychology

    PSYCHOLOGY (i) To develop an understanding of human behaviour: the nature of individuals and of members of social groups. (ii) To develop an understanding of the methods of research and study employed in Psychology. (iii)To develop an appreciation of the practical value of Psychology and its applications in daily life.                        ...Read More