ICSE Board Syllabus for Political Science

To enable the students with the facts, terms, generalization and assumption, we are providing the complete detailed ICSE Board Syllabus for Political Science on the page of the edurite boards. The first section of the ICSE Political Science Syllabus is about the political theory and includes the following topics:
1. Fundamental ideas
It includes Meaning of politics, definition of political science, difference between politics and political science, relation of political science with other social sciences like economics, history and sociology, Difference between state and government, state and society, nationality and nationalism.
2. The origin of the state:
The ICSE Political Science Syllabus of this chapter includes various theories of the origination of the state, Divine theory, the social contract theory, development of state, divine rights of the king’s example from modern states like England, Bhutan, Nepal etc. The force theory, the genetic theory, critical evaluation, the social contract theory,
3. Modern theories of the state:
Socialism, Communisms, Syndicalism, Guild Socialism, Fascism etc.
4. The purpose of the state:
Divergent views, Modern views, meaning of the purpose of the state, views of individuals and socialists, functions of the welfare state etc.
5. Sovereignty:
Meaning kinds and characteristics, related definitions etc.
6. Law:
Meaning and nature of law.
7. Liberty:
Meaning, kinds, political and civil liberty.
8. Equality:
Meaning, extent, kinds of liberty.
9. Citizenship:
Meanings and types of citizenship.
10. Forms of government
The second part of the ICSE Board Syllabus for Political Science is about the modern constitutions that include the total topics related to India.  This includes the Evolution of the Indian constitution, formation of the constituent assembly of India, The constitution of India, public services, compositions and powers of Union state public service commission’s etc. With ICSE Board Syllabus for Political Science, we have also provided the previous year question papers and sample papers for the students to do practice and enhance the conceptual knowledge. The base must be strong that is why we also provide information about the Syllabus books, Reference Books to the students. For further details and to download the ICSE Board Syllabus for Political Science, Kindly visit our website.