ICSE Board Syllabus for Physics

Our website is known for providing information related to education. We are providing here on this edurite boards page the ICSE Board Syllabus for Physics to help the students who are preparing for the ICSE board final year examinations. The ICSE Physics Syllabus provided on the page of the edurite boards will help the students to understand the syllabus of the subject that is decided by the board and this will help them to create a time table for study that what they should actually need to study. Students will find the separate syllabus for the classes. Some of the topics which are in the syllabus of 9th class are:-
1. Measurements and experimentation: This includes the measurements in SI units and their conversion.
2. Motion in one dimension is also included in the ICSE Physics Syllabus: This includes Distance, velocity and acceleration of a particle, graphs of distance- time and speed – time, equations of uniformly accelerated motion with derivations.
3. Laws of Motion: Newton's first law of motion, second law of motion and the third law of motion.
4. Fluids: Change of pressure with depth, Buoyancy Archimedes Principle.
5. Heat: Concepts of heat and temperature, Expansion of solids, liquids and gases, uses and consequences of expansion, Thermometers
6. Another topic which is included in the ICSE Board Syllabus for Physics is Light: Reflection of light, Spherical mirrors and the related discussions.
7. Sound: The nature, requirement, the propagation and speed of sound waves in different mediums and comparison with the speed of light.
8. Electricity and Magnetism: Static electricity, current electricity, properties of a bar magnet and the numerical of the related topics.
The remaining is for the practical assessment in which six to ten experiments are there. Students need to record their practicals and the readings in a well tabular method.
For the 10th standard some additional topics and the description of the topics above listed are added like force, work, energy and power etc. We also provide sample papers according to the syllabus of ICSE Board. To get complete ICSE Physics Syllabus for the class of 9th to 12th, kindly visit our website.
ICSE Board Syllabus for Physics by Class
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