ICSE Board Syllabus for Fashion Studies

Fashion Studies is a different and interesting subject introduced by ICSE Board. The ICSE Board Syllabus of Fashion Studies consists of two papers. One paper is of 2 hours duration and carrying 100marks. The second paper is of internal assessment carrying 100 marks. Then the ICSE Fashion Studies Syllabus paper first is further divided into two sections. In which, Section A will consists of compulsory short answers type questions. On the other hand, Section B of ICSE Board Syllabus of Fashion Studies consists of detailed answer of any four questions that is required to choose by the candidate. The topics which are included on ICSE Board Syllabus for Fashion Studies of class 9th are A simple study of natural and synthetic fibers, origin, properties, The purchase of Fabrics, price and estimation of Quantity, Choice of clothes for an individual in relation to figure types, style, occasion, colour, fabrics etc. The ICSE Fashion Studies Syllabus for class 10 includes the topics like the choice and use of traditional, drafted or commercial pattern for making simple under and outer garments. The stitches and processes used in making of simple under and outer garments etc.
More about the ICSE Fashion studies syllabus assessment details can be found easily on our website.  About the class 11 and 12th syllabus, there are two appears. Paper 1 carries 100 marks and duration of 3 hours. It is a Theory Paper. On the other hand, paper 2 of the ICSE Board Syllabus of Fashion Studies is consists of practical work of 100 marks. Further classification of the syllabus is provided on our edurite website. The details of the topics included in the ICSE Fashion Studies Syllabus can be seen on our website. Along with the syllabus, we also provides the previous year question papers and sample papers, so that students can do practice from that and score good marks in the subject.
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