ICSE Board Textbook for English Core

We focus on student’s academic field that is why we provide ICSE Board English Core Text Books for students. As the English subject is a very important subject and it is a compulsory subject CISCE board, so we thought of providing ICSE Books for English Core which consist of the updated syllabus and pattern. The ICSE English Core Books includes every topic of prose and poems that are present in the syllabus. This subject being compulsory is taught from class I to class XII. The lists of ICSE Board English Core Text Books we provide are the list of best books written by good writers and are in accordance with the syllabus. As to us the future of students matters the most, so we decided on providing the ICSE Books for English Core along with books of other subject also. We provide the books so that the student can get the books easily and can also get reference book for their studies which will help them with the preparation and will help them to score more marks. Apart from providing ICSE Board English Core Text Books we also do provide sample papers, previous years question papers with solution, study materials and journals on the subject which will help the students to prepare themselves.
The list of ICSE English Core Books are made after consulting with teachers from well known and reputed CISCE affiliated schools so the books in our list is best enough to be used as reference book for the course. Apart from the ICSE Board English Core Text Books we also provide text books for other course subject which matches the updated syllabus. We do provide the course books for other national board like CBSE to help the students all over with our interactive learning procedures. We made our website which is user friendly.
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