ICSE Board Syllabus for Class 5

Class 5 comes under primary classes. This is the class from where actual studies have started, students start learning the basics of all the subjects. So icse class 5 syllabus is given for the students of class 5 enrolled in ICSE board. Subjects that are included in it are: Environmental Sciences, which helps students learn the scientific aspects of the things surrounded them. Maths which is included in syllabus for class 5th icse helps them to learn the four basic mathematical operations that are done for any calculation like Addition, to add numbers; Subtraction to find the difference of two numbers ; Multiplication to find the cross product of numbers and Division to find the Reminder and Quotient that is obtained when a number is divided by another number. There are two books of English subject in the class 5 icse syllabus of English. In this board special emphasis is given to this subject as it an international board which is present in almost all commonwealth countries. The other subject icse class 5 syllabus includes is Hindi, it is included as it is our mother tongue , and it should be in the syllabus, so that students can learn this language completely i.e. reading , writing and speaking. Social Studies is also included in the syllabus for class 5th icse so that students can get to know about the history of this country, the environmental conditions of this country like the weather conditions , forest , rain and land area of this country. This subject which is included in the class 5 icse syllabus also makes students aware about the political and economic aspects of the country.
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ICSE Board Syllabus for Class 5 by Subject

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