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ICSE syllabus is slightly different from CBSE. In ICSE class 5 books; there are 2 books of English as it gives more emphasis on Language than CBSE. Other subjects are same as that of CBSE like Maths, Hindi, Science, Social Science etc. ICSE books for class 5 of subjects like Science and Maths are less tougher than CBSE board. Students those who want to go abroad should prefer ICSE board. These books covers the all the concepts in a very presentable manner. Maths ICSE textbooks for class 5 have sufficient amount of examples and excellent questions at the end of each chapter. Questions are also been provided in between the chapter, so that student can get each topic efficiently. ICSE class 5 books for Science covers each topic in a very interesting manner , with sufficient amount of diagrams , examples, experiments and questions based on each topic given after each topic. Social Science is the subject in which we study about the past of our country, about different civilization present in the past, political aspects of this country, its economics and civics. The presentation of the content in these ICSE books for class 5 should be good for this subject as it is a theoretical subject mostly students get bored easily, so the above mentioned syllabus has to be covered in a very attractive manner so that students can learn this subject easily. Hindi ICSE textbooks for class 5 cover different stories focusing on inculcating moral values in the students.
The different content it includes is poems, stories and dramas, these forms are included so that students other skills of a student can also get exposure like dialogue delivery skills, Presentation skills, they get to know about what is rhythm and lastly to develop a habit of working in a team. ICSE class 5 books are good to study with so that students can get a overall exposer for their skills. To get all these stuff regarding ICSE 2013-2014 and its study stuff just visit our web portal.

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