ICSE Board Syllabus for Class 1

Syllabus is always necessary to have as it guides us with what to study. Different education boards has different syllabus. ICSE syllabus for class 1 is the syllabus for the 1st class students of the icse board. Although in this class the little kids do not exactly know what this syllabus is all about. So it becomes the duty of their parents to keep themselves aware with the class 1 icse syllabus and all the other study material so that they can teach their children. So parents to know about the syllabus for class 1 ICSE you are advised to visit our web portal.

In our Portal parents will find all the necessary information about the class 1 ICSE syllabus and along with that, other study material like chapter-wise activities to make learning a fun for these little kids. Our portal is also beneficial for teachers it has lot of teaching techniques for them. As it needs a great deal of creativity to make these little kids understand the a, b,c ….. of the subjects. As at this small age they even do not clearly know that how one subject differs from other. So it's beyond their limit to know the ICSE syllabus for class 1 of all the subjects like EVS, Maths etc.

Their EVS syllabus for class 1 ICSE board include chapters like My Neighbourhood, Me and Myself, Living World etc. Their class 1 ICSE syllabus for Maths covers topics like Number System, Money, Time, Fraction etc. Various activities are advised on our web portal to make let these little brains understand the know-how's of these subject.
To get further details about the ICSE syllabus for class 1 and the other study material in form of worksheets parents and teachers are advised to visit our portal to get lots of interesting techniques to teach these little flowers. They can get all this in just few easy clicks.
ICSE Board Syllabus for Class 1 by Subject