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ICSE Board is one of the much known board of India. The full form of ICSE Board is Indian Certificate of Secondary Education). This board gives affiliation to the schools who have English as there medium of instruction. This board considers English as a very important thing which is really important to know for the Students. To study from ICSE Board, students should take admission in schools which are affiliated to the ICSE Board. Private students are not eligible to give examination from ICSE Board. The main mission of the board is to make the education easy for the students and provide it education in an easier way. ICSE Board is one of toughest board of India but still number of students who wants to take admission in ICSE Board is increasing day by day. On the website of edurite, we have given information related to ICSE Board Text Books, ICSE Previous Year Question Papers, ICSE Sample Papers and ICSE Syllabus. All the information is provided by us on the same page. ICSE Board Text Books information is helpful for the students, teachers, principle, Private Cochin centre, publisher etc. We have given information and quality of study material according to the ICSE Board Syllabus 2013-2014.
Information about the ICSE Board Text Books 2013-2014, reference books can be finding easily on the website and thus it will save the time of the students. Mainly the ICSE comes under CISCE. The full form of CISCE is Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination. ICSE Board conducts the exams of class 10th. On the other hand, ISC conducts the exams of class 12th. Both the boards come under CISCE. There are so many courses which are offered by ICSE AND ISC for the students. ICSE boards wants there students to choose the subject in which they are interested so it will be beneficial for the student’s future.




ICSE Board Text books by class

  • ICSE Board Text books for Class 12

    Books are the essential part for the preparation of any examination. Students can get the information of the icse textbooks for class 12 from edurite boards very easily. For the students no matter from which field they belong to, books are always demanded and they work like a perfect guide for the students. In the examination, the way of giving the answer for the differen...Read More

  • ICSE Board Text books for Class 10

    Books are the store of knowledge and for the students of CISCE board who are preparing for their final board exam we provide Icse Class 10 Books information. Books are like the best friend of the students. Students can very easily search for their required Icse Books for Class 10 on our site, as the board exam is an important exam in the life of the students and they need...Read More

  • ICSE Board Text books for Class 3

    Students start their education in third class and students start to learn the basic reading and understanding in 3rd class. The information of the ICSE textbooks for class 3 is available on the portal, the parents and teachers can take help from these books and can get the way how the students can learn better with latest ICSE exam 2013-2014. The 3rd class is the starting...Read More

  • ICSE Board Text books for Class 4

    Books are very important for children specially. For the ICSE board students, the information of ICSE textbooks 2013-2014 for class 4 is available on the portal of edurite boards. It is true that children always learn from their environment and their interaction with family and teachers but the ICSE class 4 books can also create a suitable surrounding around your child if...Read More

  • ICSE Board Text books for Class 5

    ICSE syllabus is slightly different from CBSE. In ICSE class 5 books; there are 2 books of English as it gives more emphasis on Language than CBSE. Other subjects are same as that of CBSE like Maths, Hindi, Science, Social Science etc. ICSE books for class 5 of subjects like Science and Maths are less tougher than CBSE board. Students those who want to go abroad should pr...Read More

  • ICSE Board Text books for Class 6

    ICSE is a board governed by central government. In class 6th, subjects that are included are same as that you have found in other boards. ICSE class 6 books 2013-2014 are available for 6th class students on our edurite board so that students can get all at one place. Students should always follow the ICSE books for class 6 as they are framed by the academic experts keepin...Read More

  • ICSE Board Text books for Class 7

    Books are necessary to prepare for any exam as it offers you with a great deal of information regarding every subject like that of ICSE class 7 books. Students without books you have to make many efforts to search the topics of every chapter that will take lot from your important time. For 7th class students should know that from where they can get good books. So for them...Read More

  • ICSE Board Text books for Class 8

    Class 8th is a general class but the learning with respect to future prospects starts from this standard. Students can find the ICSE class 8 books from the edurite boards. Students preparing for the final examination are advised to prefer the ICSE textbooks 2013-2014 for class 8 listed on the portal. These all are fully covered the declared syllabus by the ICSE board and ...Read More

  • ICSE Board Text books for Class 9

    The CISCE board offers several subject to the students of class IX of ICSE board 2013-2014 and all such ICSE Class 9 Books can be found at our site by a simple search. The subjects of class 9 and class 10 of ICSE board are same with different syllabus. Some of the ICSE Textbooks for Class 9 are used in class 10 also, in other words same book is followed in both class 9 an...Read More

  • ICSE Board Text books for Class 11

    An exclusive variety of subjects is offered to the students by the ICSE board to choose from. The class 11th students have a lot of ways to find their ICSE class 11 books 2013-2014 in which one finest way is to find the books information is edurite boards. Students have several subjects to study in class 11th, for the science students the major subjects are physics, Math...Read More

ICSE Board Text books by Subject

  • ICSE Board Hindi Text books

    The information regarding the ICSE Board Hindi Text Book is provided now on the page of edurite boards that is listed on the page to help the students in their preparation for the ICSE board examination final session. These Hindi Text book ICSE board are listed on the page according to the standard wise classification as the subject Hindi is the essential subject from the fi...Read More

  • ICSE Board Math Text books

    Mathematics is an interesting subject to study and learns the techniques. The best thing about the subject is that this can be learnt with fun and there are a number of classes where students can learn mathematics with fun. For the on line process, we are providing the information of ICSE Board Math Text Book for the students who have doubt in the subject mathematics and prep...Read More

  • ICSE Board Science Text books

    ICSE Board Science Text books information are available on the page of the edurite boards. We have also mentioned the information about the educational cd’s on our website which contains all the topics with description and examples on our website. Most of the students need quality of study materials to do preparation for the examination. That is why, along with the ICSE Books...Read More

  • ICSE Board Sociology Text books

    Our focus is always on helping students with all possible materials so that they do well in the exams. We provide information about ICSE Board Sociology Text Books for the students, so that they can easily get hold of the books that matches their updated syllabus and pattern of the CISCE board. The ICSE Sociology Books that covers almost all topics which are prescribed by I...Read More

  • ICSE Board Physics Text books

    As a well known educational site, it is our duty to provide eminence of information to the students. We present ICSE Board Physics Text Books for the students from class VII – X and also for class XI and class XII of CISCE board. We supply several books on different subjects for the students. Our list of books consists of quality books which were chosen after discussing with ...Read More

  • ICSE Board Psychology Text books

    Edurite is one of the best website who is known for providing information about education on a complete website which is user friendly. Here, the information about the ICSE Board Psychology Text Books can be easily found on our webpage which will help the students who are going to attempt the examination conducted by the ICSE board. Psychology is a very interesting subjec...Read More

  • ICSE Board Accountancy Text books

    It is our primary aim to provide study materials for students all over India, so that they can use it for studies. The ICSE Board Accountancy Text Books information that we post at our site are listed by our group of experts after going through the contents of the books and matching them with the updated Accountancy syllabus of the CISCE board. The Accountancy Text Bo...Read More

  • ICSE Board Biotechnology Text books

    Here on our website, we are providing the information about ICSE Books for Biotechnology to score better in the examination for the students. The description about the topics can also be found on our website where we have summarized the topics and also made questions from them. This web page provides all the information related to the different boards and the different...Read More

  • ICSE Board Business Studies Text books

    Business Studies is a subject in which students learn about the business tactics which can be beneficial for future prospect. For the same, we have offered ICSE Board Business Studies Text Books of ICSE Board which will help students to do study according to the syllabus of ICSE. Business Studies include the study of Business Organization, Corporate Organization, ab...Read More

  • ICSE Board Biology Text books

    The books the information of which we provides for the students are of several subjects of different national board such as CISCE, CBSE and others. ICSE Board Biology Text Books we provide for both from class VII to class X and for class XI and class XII. The biology paper comes as paper 3 under the subject name science up to class X after which for class XI and XII it comes...Read More

  • ICSE Board Computer Science Text books

    We provide several course books on different subjects of CISCE board. ICSE Board Computer Science Text Books information which we are provides covers the full ICSE computer science syllabus and follows the updated syllabus of the CISCE board. We provide a list of best ICSE Books for Computer Science after discussing with the teachers of highly acclaimed CISCE affili...Read More

  • ICSE Board Economics Text books

    We have heard a quotation many times that books are the best guide and friend of the student. With reminding this thing for the students, we are providing the ICSE Board Economics Text Books for the students who are getting education in the schools affiliated with the ICSE board and facing problems in the preparation of the examination of the subject Economics. Basicall...Read More

  • ICSE Board English Core Text books

    We focus on student’s academic field that is why we provide ICSE Board English Core Text Books for students. As the English subject is a very important subject and it is a compulsory subject CISCE board, so we thought of providing ICSE Books for English Core which consist of the updated syllabus and pattern. The ICSE English Core Books includes every topic of prose and ...Read More

  • ICSE Board Geography Text books

    We are among the best educational sites which provide quality of information to the students to help them in scoring good marks in the examination. That is why, we thought of providing course book of CISCE board like ICSE Board Geography Text Books. We provide list of ICSE Geography Books which were made after discussing with best teachers of reputed CISCE board affiliated...Read More

  • ICSE Board Chemistry Text books

    Chemistry is one of the important subject and conceptual subject and that is why, it is important to study the topics from the ICSE Board Chemistry Text Books. Students need to perform well in the examination and thus it requires a lot of studies and practice. Chemistry is the main subject and it affects the overall percentage of the students. The basic and conceptual know...Read More

  • ICSE Board History Text books

    Edurite website is very informative website which is known for providing quality of information and study materials to the students. In contrast of that, now we are providing information about the ICSE Board History Text Books to the students for doing preparation for the exams. Social Science includes the study of three fields, History, Geography and Civics. Along with the ...Read More

  • ICSE Board Social Science Text books

    Social Science is a interesting subject and it requires step by step study from ICSE Board Social Science Text Books. Social Science is a subject which includes three categories History, Geography and Civics till class 10th. After class 10th, the categories can be selected by the students in class 11th and can choose as per there interest from History, Geography and C...Read More