ICSE Board Syllabus for Biotechnology

As we aim at helping the students with all possible requirements so we thought of providing syllabus of different CISCE board affiliated subjects. In ICSE Board Syllabus for Biotechnology is introduced to the students so that they can so studies from the course not from outside the course. It will help them in saving time. Biotechnology subject is taught only in class XI and XII of CISCE board and it consist of 80 marks which of theory paper and 20 marks of practical paper. The ICSE Biotechnology Syllabus covers the following topics in theory paper and practical paper:
Class XI theory paper according to ICSE Board Syllabus for Biotechnology consists of:
                      1) Introduction to biotechnology.
                      2) Cell biology.
                      3) Growth and development in living beings.
                      4) Genetics.
Class XI practical paper consists of:
                      1) Preparation of buffers.
                      2) Colour reaction of carbohydrate.
                      3) Colour reaction of proteins.
                      4) Study various stages of mitosis and meiosis.
                      5) Preparation of karyotypes.
                      6) Determination of blood group.
                      7) Constructing pedigree showing different types of inheritance.
                      8) Usage of pH meter.
The practical marks also cover the project and the practical work.
ICSE Board Syllabus for Biotechnology covers the following topics of class XII of CISCE board.
Class XII theory paper consists of –
1)      Molecular biology.
2)      Genetic engineering.
3)      Cell culture technology.
4)      Bio informatics.

Class XII practical paper consists of –
1)      Sterilization technique.
2)      Preparation of buffers.
3)      Preparation of culture media.
4)      Growth of bacteria in culture.
5)      Isolation of proteins.
6)      Determination of blood group.
7)      Salivary amylase activity on starch.
8)      Separation of plant pigment by chromatography.
9)      Identification of plasma DNA and genomic DNA bands in the gels.
10)   Estimation of DNA either by colourimeter or spectrophotometer.
11)   Isolation of milk proteins
12)   Isolation of DNA from plant tissue.
13)   Identification of gram positive and gram negative bacteria by gram staining.
14)   Preparation of slant or nutrients plates
15)   Estimations of proteins by colour reactions.
Beside the ICSE Biotechnology Syllabus, we also do provide course books, study materials, journals and teachers suggestion on the particular subject to help the students with the preparation.
ICSE Board Syllabus for Biotechnology by Class
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