ICSE Board Syllabus for Biology

ICSE publish their ICSE Board Syllabus for Biology in the beginning of the session. It will ease student to know what they need to study.  Preparation from the syllabus for exams is really important as it will save the time of the students. The CISE Biolody Syllabus can be found easily on our edurite website along with the topics and marks prescribed on it. The chapters that includes in the ICSE Biology Syllabus are as follows:-
1. Basic Biology:
This chapter includes all the major topics that should be related to the basic biology. The cell, a unit of life, protoplasm, basic difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell and an animal and a plant cell, Tissues, Type of plant and animal tissues etc. all are the part of the chapter.
Another chapter that is includes in ICSE Biology Syllabus is
2. Flowering plants:
Vegetative propagation, micro propagation, Structure of bisexual plants, functions of various parts, Pollination (Self and cross pollination), Fertilization etc. all are the part of this chapter.
3. Plant Psychology: Germination of seeds, types and conditions for seed germination, Respiration of plants (outline of the process and gaseous exchange).
4. Diversity in living organism: A brief outline of five kingdom classification, Economic importance of Bacteria, Economic importance of Fungi
5. Human Anatomy and Psychology: Nutrition (classes of food, structure of tooth, different types of teeth, Digestive system), Movement and Locomotion, Structure and functions of skin, respiratory system (Organs, mechanism of breathing, Tissue respiration, heat production).
6. Health and Hygiene: Causes of diseases (Bacteria, Virus, parasites, Brief idea of endemic, epidemic etc.), Hygiene (General idea of personal hygiene, public hygiene and sanitation, water born diseases).
Along with the ICSE Board Syllabus for Biology, we have also provided the practice material for the students like previous year question papers, sample papers and references books.
The remaining topics in the ICSE Board Syllabus for Biology are included in the practical assessment work. For the further details of the ICSE Biology Syllabus visitors are advised to go through the portal of edurite website where they can get the detailed information.
ICSE Board Syllabus for Biology by Class