ICSE Board Physics Syllabus for Class 10

ICSE Board Syllabus for Class 10 Physics

ICSE Board Syllabus
Class 10 


1. Motion
Laws of motion

2. Mechanical Force

3. Work
Fundamentals of work, lever & pulley, power

4. Energy
Fundamentals of energy, potential energy, kinetic energy, energy conservation principle

5. Magnetism
Magnetic field, electro-magnetism, magnetic force

6. Electricity
Electric circuits, electric force, Ohm's law, electric power, potential difference, resistance & resistivity

7. Light
Reflection, refraction, concave lens, convex lens, prism, cathode ray tube, eye & camera, total internal reflection, electro magnetic spectrum

8. Heat
Specific heat, latent heat

9. Sound
Sound waves, sound quality, vibration

10. Radioactivity
Fundamentals of radioactivity

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