Himachal Pradesh Board Social Reconstruction Syllabus for Class 10

Himachal Pradesh Board Syllabus for Class 10 Social Reconstruction

Social Reconstruction
Time: 3 hours
Maximum Marks: 85

1. Surveys & Planning:
(i) Meaning of Surveys
(ii) Need and utility of surveys
(iii) Planning of surveys
(iv) Steps of planning

2. Social Reforms
(i) Dowry system
(ii) Beggary
(iii) Child Marriage
(iv) Social celebrations

3. Educational and cultural institutions
(i) Importance of Balwadis.
(ii) Anganwadis.
(iii) School
(iv) Adult Education Centres.
(v) Handicrafts centre.
(vi) Youth Association
(vii) Nehru Yuvak Kendras.
(viii) Mahila Mandals.

4. Hygiene and Sanitation
(i) Importance of health education
(ii) Centres for and programmes for health education.

  • Centre for washing and bathing and their care

  • Gardens and parks and their care.

  • Play centres their organisation and management.

  • Nature-cure centres, public dispensaries and hospitals.

5. Co-operative Societies
Constitution and functions of different types of co-operative institutions.
(i) Credit co-operative society.
(ii) Buyers and sellers co-operative societies.
(iii) Co-operative banks.

Study of the fundamental principles of co-operation.

Project Work

(i) Running of school co-operative stores, book banks, San-chayika.
(ii) Conducting Village Surveys with regard to illiterates, beggars, attitude towards, dowry of eligible boys, girls and parents, and preparing reports there of.
(iii) Organisation of Vana Mahotsava. Sanitation and Cleanliness Days- Teachers Day, Gandhi Enrollment drive. book and Science Exhibition etc.
(iv) Visiting slums and habitation of weaker sections of society in order to acquaint the students with actual
living conditions and problems being faced by them.

Note :— The project work is to be planned. organised and executed by the students themselves. The teacher will provide necessary guidance whenever needed.
(v) Methods And Teaching Techniques.

There is a lot of scope for experimentation in teaching the subject. The teacher will have to give some thought as to the approach he should adopt in order to achieve best results. Some of the important considerations which the teacher should bear in mind while organising instructions in the subject are given below :
1. Teaching should be related to the formulation and explanation of basic principles.
2. It should be related to everyday experience.
3. It should stress open mindedness and scientific temper.
4. Emphasis should be laid on functional aspects.
5. It should have relevance to society.
6. Stress should be on experimental approach and self-learning rather than on teaching.
7. Presentation of the basic ideas in accordance with the level of the comprehension of student should be another important consideration.
8. Class-room teaching and project work should be organised in such a manner that it contributes adequately to the development of desirable social and moral values amongst students and it creates among them a hatred for anti-social and anti-moral etc.

Prescribed Books:

Samajik Punarnirman: Published by Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education.

Himachal Pradesh Board Best Sellers

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