Himachal Pradesh Board Philosophy Syllabus for Class 11

Himachal Pradesh Board Syllabus for Class 11 Philosophy


Unit 1 : Methods of Natural and Social Sciences (Periods 20)
Value of Science , Nature and aim of Scientific Methods : Difference between Scientific Induction and induction by simple enumeration. Difference between methods of Natural Sciences and Social Sciences.

Unit 2 : Observation and Experiment (Periods 20)
Their Differences, fallacies of observation.

Unit 3: Science and Hypothesis (Periods 25)
The place of hypothesis in scientific methods . Formulation of relevant hypothesis . Formal conditions of valid hypothesis . Hypothesis and crucial experiments.

Unit 4 : Mill’s Methods of Experimental Inquiry (Periods 25)
The method of agreement;
The method of difference
The Joint method of agreement and difference;
The method of concomitant variation;
The method of residue

Unit 5 : Nyaya Theory of Knowledge (Periods 30)
General Survey – Prama, Pramana, Pramanya, Pratyaksa, Anumana, Upamana Sabda.


Unit 6 : The Nature and scope of logic (Periods 14)
What is Logic ? Use and application of Logic. Difference between Truth and Validity.

Unit 7 : Terms and Propositions (Periods 30)
Definition of Term; Denotation and Connotation of Terms .
Definitions of proposition and traditional classification of Propositions.
Distribution of Terms.

Relation between Propositions (Periods 12)
Traditional Square of Propositions

Unit 8 : Categorical Syllogism (Periods 24)
Its definition : Rules of valid syllogism and Fallacies.

Unit 9 : Elements of Symbolic Logic (Periods 14)

Value of using symbols in Logic
Basic Truth-Tables

Unit 10 : Buddhist Formal Logic (Periods 26)

Suggested Reference

1. Bhola Nath Roy - Text-book of Inductive Logic
2. Bhola Nath Roy - Text-book of deductive Logic
3. I.M. Copi – Introduction to Logic
4. S.C. Chatterjee - Nyaya Theory of Knowledge
5. S.R. Bhatt and Anu Melhotra - Buddhist Epistamology
6. Chatterjee and Dutta – Indian Philosophy

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