Himachal Pradesh Board Home Science Syllabus for Class 10

Himachal Pradesh Board Syllabus for Class 10 Home Science

Home Science
Time: 3 hours
Maximum Marks: 60

I. One Theory Paper

1. Cookery:
(1) Balanced diet ; food groups; Principles of Meal planning ; catering.
(2) Causes of deterioration in food and methods of food preservation in home.

2. Laundry and Needle Work
(1) Care and storage of fabrics synthetic, cotton, silk and wool.
(2) The laundry room, laundry equipment and cleansing materials.
(3) Washing and finishing of cotton and woolen clothes.

3. Home Management
(1) Principles of interior decoration.
(2) Selection of suitable furniture, fittings and simple articles of decoration; colour combinations, arrange of flowers and pictures.

4. Home Nursing And Child Development
(1) Principles of Child Development, Physical and emotional needs of the growing child.
(2) Formation of Habits : Eating, sleeping, toilet training, exercise and play habits.

II. Practical One Paper
Time: 3 hours
Maximum Marks: 25

(1) Preparation of lunch and breakfast : Table setting.
(2) Preparation of Jam Pickle.
(3) Preparation of a household chest of medicines.
(4) Washing and finishing of cotton and woolen clothes.
(5) Preparation of two articles of decoration (one knitted).
(6) Changing the safety valve of the Pressure Cooker.
(7) Preparation of two charts.
(8) Keeping records of Practical work done in the class.

5. Methods And Techniques of Teaching
Each lesson should be well-planned by the teacher. Whatever is taught should be related to appropriate demonstration, example, illustration or practical work. Students should be helped to arrive at their own conclusion. Experimental approach is recommended. The teacher is also advised to make available a variety of booklets and other reading material on different aspect of the subject for study by the students. Where necessary, a local expert may be brought to the classroom to demonstrate and explain a particular process or activity. Recapitulation can be arranged in a variety of ways. Outdoor activities should be preplanned. Internal assessment charts should be maintained with care. The teacher should also ensure a well equipped laboratory in the school.

Prescribed Books: Grih Vijyan by HPBSE Dhamshala.

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