Himachal Pradesh Board French Syllabus for Class 11

Himachal Pradesh Board Syllabus for Class 11 French

Section-A : Applied Grammar - 25 marks (50 Periods)

  • Filling up blanks with appropriate parts of speech.

  • Transformation of sentences.

  • Based on chapter 1-17 of Prescribed book

Section-B : Comprehension / Reading - 25 marks (30 Periods)

  • One passage from the prescribed book -15 marks

(Prose / Poetry)
One Unseen passage -10 marks
(variety of comprehension questions. including short answer questions & vocabulary (word attack)

Section-C : Writing Skills/Composition – 20 marks (40 Periods)

  • Writing a story based on outlines provided (120 words) – 10 marks

  • One unaided composition based on the topics in the 10 Prescribed book (120 words) – 10 marks

Section-D : Literature – 30 marks

(Short answer questions on prescribed texts)
Comprehension of the prescribed text (Chapter 1-17)

Poems to be studied :
1. La Route by CF Rameez
2. Les Villages by F Jammes
3. Page d'ecriture by J. Prevert
4. Les enfants dans le jardin public by Victor Hugo
5. Barcarolle by Th. Gautier

Prescribed Book: Cours De Langue Et Civilization
Francaises-II by G. Mauger
(Chapter 1-17) Published by Heachette

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