Himachal Pradesh Board Agriculture Syllabus for Class 10

Himachal Pradesh Board Syllabus for Class 10 Agriculture


Theory paper
Time: 3 hours
Maximum Marks: 50

Unit-I : Geology : Kinds of Rocks, Soil formation classification of soil, soil fertility, its meaning remedial measures for the infertile soil, soil erosion and methods of its control.

Unit-II : Agronomy : Cultural methods prevalent in Himachal Pradesh, classification of field crops detailed study of food and fibre crops such as wheat, maize, paddy, sugarcane,couliflower, Bringle, Tomato.

Crop Rotations and their importance :— Weeds and their control, Manures and fertilizers, Classification of fertilizers, importance of nitrogen, phosphorus. Potash Application of Fertilizers, Farmyard manure and compost preparation, Composition and utilization, Green manuring, Tillage and Tillage implements and tools, Indigenous, and mould board ploughs their importance and usefulness.

Irrigation :— Need of water for plants life, sources and means of irrigation in HP Methods of irrigation.

Unit-III : Horticulture :— Importance of horticulture, and its zones in Himachal Pradesh Layout of an orchards, orchards, grafting, budding and pruning of plants.
(i) Detailed study of the Horticulture crops in respect of soil climate, spacing, manuring, posts and diseases and their control.
(ii) Fruit Crops (Cultivation) : Apple, grapes, plums, peach, pear, almond, apricot, mango, citrus, litchi etc.
(iii) Fruit Preservation : Importance of fruit preservation and its different methods.
(iv) Ornamental plants : Propagation and cultivation of ornamental plants, viz.
1. Bulbus plant
2. Annual flowers
3. Shrubs
4. Climber and creepers
5. Ornamental trees
6. Indoor plants, water plants etc.

(v) Study of different horticulture tools and implements and study of different spraying and dusting machine.

Practical Work
Time : 3 hours
Maximum Marks: 35

1. Measurement of the allotted land for the purpose of sowing vegetables. Each student to be provided with a plot in which he will grow one Kharif and Rabi season vegetable. He will keep the record in his practical note book.
2. Identification of important weeds and annual flower.
3. Preparation of Albums and charts.
4. Preparation of Jams, Jellies, Squashes, Ketchups and Pickles.
5. Practice in yoking and Ploughing.
6. Assembling of implements and fault finding.
7. Handling, securing and drenching of animals.
8. Milking of cows.
9. Practice in the use of plant protection equipment.
10. Excursion / study tours to the places of agricultural importance.
11. Preparation of seed beds.
12. Identification of seeds manure and fertilizers and soils.

Prescribed Books:

Krishi Vigyan: Published by Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education

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