Himachal Pradesh Board Physical Education Syllabus for Class 11

Himachal Pradesh Board Syllabus for Class 11 Physical Education


Part – A (28 Marks)

1. Concept of Physical Education
1.1 Meaning and definition of Physical Education-its aim and objectives.
1.2 Modern Concept and scope of Physical Education.
1.3 Need and importance of Physical Education.
1.4 Misconceptions about Physical Education.
1.5 Place of Physical Education in the total education process.

2. Physiological Aspects of Physical Education
Effect of Exercise on :
2.1 Muscular System.
2.2. Circulatory System.
2.3 Respiratory System.
2.4 Digestive System

3. Psychological Aspects of Physical Education
3.1 Definition of Psychology and Sports Psychology
3.2 Achievement and Motivation in Sports
3.3. Sportsmanship and Sports Ethics

Part-B (14 Marks)

1. History of the game/sport (Any one game/sport of student’s choice).
2. Latest general rules of the game/sport (Any one game /sport of student’s choice).
3. Measurement of play fields and specifications of sports equipment.
4. Fundamental skills of the game/sport.
5. Related sports technologies.
6. Important tournaments and venues.
7. Sports personalities.
8. Sports Awards

Part – C (28 Marks)

1. Health Education
1.1 Concept and objectives of Health Education.
1.2 Importance of Health Education.
1.3 Principles of Health Education.
1.4 Importance of community participation for health promotion and welfare of individual, family and community.

2. Communicable Diseases.
2.1 Meaning of Communicable Diseases
2.2 Essential conditions for Communicable Diseases to occur and disease process.
2.3. Common alert signals indicating on set of Communicable Diseases.
2.4 Mode of transmission, common symptoms and prevention of spread (transmission) of :
AIDS, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

3. Contemporary Health Problems
3.1 Abuse of alcohol, tobacco and drugs and the effect of abuse on individual, family and community.
3.2. Effect of alcohol, tobacco and drugs on sportsperson.
3.3 Eating habits that cause obesity and its effect on health on individual.

(30 marks)

The activity syllabus has been divided into following three parts. The marks of each part are as follows:
Part - A Track and Field (Two events) — 10 marks
Part - B Games and Sports (One game) — 06 marks
Part - C Achievement in Sports — 10 marks
Part - D Practical Note Book (Class Record) — 04 Marks

Part- A

Track and Field

Any two events may be opted. Each event will carry 5 marks out of which 2 marks are for viva concerning athletics event selected by the candidate.
1. Sprints 100 meters or 200 meters or 400 meters.
2. Middle and Long distance running 800 meters or 1500* meters or 3000* meters.
3. Broad Jump.
4. Tripple Jump*.
5. High Jump.
6. Shot Put.
7. Discuss Throw.
8. Javelin Throw.
*denotes ‘for boys only’


Games and Sports

One game either from Group A or Group B may be opted. Each game will carry 5 marks out of which 2 marks will be for proficiency in the game and skills of the game.


Group A

Group B





Volley Ball

Table Tennis

Basket Ball



Rhythmic (Folk Dance, Drill & Marching)



Hand Ball


*denotes ‘for boys only’



Achievement in Sports
(Earmarking of marks is shown against each)

Upto :-
1. School level participation 4
2. Zonal level participation 5
3. District level participation 7
4. State level participation 9
5. National level participation 10

Part- D

Practical Note Book 04 Marks

The Practical Note Book will carry class record Or sessional work

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