Haryana Board Computer Science Syllabus for Class 10

Haryana Board Syllabus for Class 10 Computer Science

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L-1 MS-Word

Revision of Last class



Inserting Header and Footer



Paragraph Format, Line spacing, Ruler Bar, Drawing tool bar tables


L-1 word

Mail Merge, Page set up Print


L-II Excel

Revision of last class, Auto fill, Operator


- Summer vacation



L-2 Excel

Cell address, refreshing Functions


L-3 Power Point

Revision of last class clipart, symbols effects, customs


L-3 Power Point

Timing sound effects, slide cut, copy, paste, background


Revision for First Semester Exam




Computer Fundamentals- Introduction of Computer system, Input and Out put device, Hardware and Software , Component of computer system generations, primary memory, secondary memory



Introduction to Ms- windows- Introduction to windows, Desktop icons, Display properties, Creating files/ folders, renaming files, folders, deleting file and folders, introduction to window accessories, searching files and folders



Introduction to Ms- Access – Introduction to data base concept, Data entering, editing, Viewing, Primary Key, creating tables, using design view, updating records


Winter Vacation from 22nd December to 31st December



Software Engineering

Introduction to software Engineering, stages in SDLC, survey, investigation and fact recording, implementation, testing.



Revision and Problem Solving


Second Semester Exam


Haryana Board Best Sellers

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