Gujarat Board Syllabus for Psychology

To prepare for the examinations, syllabus is the most important thing which guides us that for what we are preparing for. With reminding this reason the Gujarat Board Syllabus for Psychology is provided on the page of edurite boards. The subject Psychology basically relates to the different nuances of human mind and provides the solution of the disorders related to the mind. The main topics that are included in the Gujarat Board Psychology Syllabus are the introduction of the subject, methods of study the subject, The basic Biological behavioral. Some more topics like Socio cultural basis of behavioral, Process of learning, Process of memory, Languages and communication, Motivation, development stages are also included in Gujarat Board Psychology Syllabus. This course is provided by the Gujarat board for the 11th and 12th standards. These above specified topics are included in the Gujarat Board Psychology Syllabus for 11th standard. The level of study and topics increases as students move in to the twelfth standard. Like some major topics included in the 12th standard Gujarat Board Syllabus for Psychology are Intelligence, Ego and personality, Group processes and the social effects, Psychological trends, Approaches to wards treatment, Environmental and behavior, Statistics etc.
Here above some topics of the Gujarat Board Psychology Syllabus. For the detailed information of the Gujarat Board Syllabus for Psychology students and visitors have to move on the page of edurite boards. The Gujarat Board Psychology Syllabus presented on the web page according to the different classes along with the question papers and sample pares for practice of the subject and the information regarding the text books that would help the students in finding the appropriate material to study with. Thus for the students of Gujarat board, the page is most beneficial to start their preparation for the final session examinations. So, all the students are advised to visit the page for more details.


Gujarat Board Syllabus for Psychology by Class
  • GUJARAT BOARD Class 12 Syllabus for Psychology

    Standard : 12 UNIT 1 : Intelligence -Introduction -What is intelligence ? -Approaches to understand intelligence (Gardner, Sternberg, J. R Das) -Culture and intelligence -measurement of intelligence -Deficiency -Talent -Special abilities : Aptitude [Nature and Measurement] UNIT 2 : Ego and Personality -Approach towards ego and persona...Read More

  • GUJARAT BOARD Class 11 Syllabus for Psychology

    Standard: 11 Psychology UNIT 1 :What is Psychology? Introduction -Psychology as a subject -Subject matter of Psychology -Psy. as a modern subject. -Milestone in the history of Psychology -Approaches of the study of Psychology -Biological, Behaviouristic, cognitive -Psycho - dynamic, Humanistic -Socio - cultural fields of Psychology. ...Read More

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