Gujarat Board Class 12 Political Science Sample Papers 2007

Gujarat Board Sample Papers 2007 for Class 12 Political Science

Political Science

Time : 3 Hours                                             Maximum Marks : 100

Note : (i) This Question Paper consists of two Sections, viz., ‘A’ and ‘B’.

(ii) All questions from Section ‘A’ are to be attempted.

(iii) Section ‘B’ has got more than one option. Candidates are required to attempt questions from one option only.


1. What do you understand by ‘power’?                                                                         2

2. Briefly describe territory as an essential element of the State.                                 2

3. Mention two major areas of interdependence among nations.                                  2

4. Define ‘Pressure Groups’.                                                                                           2

5. Who are the member  of the electoral college that elects the President?                  2

6. What is a Rigid Constitution?.                                                                                      2

7. What are the main functions of International Labour Organisation?                            2

8. Give any two suggestions for removing communal tensions.                                       2

9. Mention any two national (All-India) political parties. What are their election symbols?         2

10. Bring out the various functions of Municipalities.                                                     5

11. Write any five functions of Election Commission of India.                                         5

12. Explain the functions of the Vice-President of India.                                                5

13. Trace out die changes which have happened in the Nation-State system during the 20th century.          5

14. Discuss the composition of Zila Parishad.                                                                      5

15. Explain the importance of the Lokayukta.                                                                     5

16. Discuss the various ways by which Indian Parliament controls the political executive.         5

17. Discuss briefly the legislative relations between the Union and the States in India.             5

18. Distinguish between Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of State Policy. Explain briefly the Right to Freedom of Religion. 8


Explain the nature of Indian Federation. Why is India described as a ‘Quasi-federal State’?

19. Define Regionalism. Give any six causes for the rise of regionalism.                                    8


Discuss the features of India's new economic policy. What are its positive aspects?

20. Explain India's policy of Non-Alignment and its commitment to peaceful co-existence.          8


Trace the origin of the United Nations. What are the objectives and principles of United Nations?

21. Discuss the powers of State Governor. Examine his relations with the Chief Minister.              8


Explain the composition of Supreme Court of India. Discuss its power of judicial review.

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