Gujarat Board Syllabus for Physics

Physics is an interesting and one of the toughest subjects and thus the need of Gujarat Board Syllabus for Physics arise. The students of the 11th and 12th standard students need to study if they have mathematics as their optional subject. Gujarat Board Syllabus for Physics gives direction to the students about what topics are in the course and what are not in the course. To provide the complete detailed study of the subject physics we are providing the sample papers, the previous year papers along with the information of text books beneficial for the study of the subject rather of only providing the Gujarat Board Syllabus for Physics. The information regarding the other boards like the courses offered by the different regional and national boards all over the country and the regarding information of those different courses all are available now on the same page of the edurite boards.
Gujarat Board Syllabus for Physics includes neither a theoretical part nor a numerical part. Both parts are included in this Gujarat Board Syllabus for Physics and to have good marks in the subject the practice of numerical s is must and to attempt the numerical problems the concepts of the subject must be clear. That is the reason we are providing the information of the text books on the page. But the study of text books is beneficial when we have the idea that what we need to study. Thus on the portal the Gujarat Board Physics Syllabus is listed to help the students. Gujarat Board Syllabus for Physics includes the topic like Measurements, Kinematics, Newton's laws of motion, work, energy and power, Gravitation, Motion of a rigid body all are the part of the subject and most of them are used in daily routine. Waves, heat and Thermodynamics, oscillations are the daily used concepts which are included in Gujarat Board Syllabus for Physics. Thus the visit of the portal would be beneficial to gain the knowledge of the courses provided by the different boards all over the country.


Gujarat Board Syllabus for Physics by Class
  • GUJARAT BOARD Class 12 Syllabus for Physics

    Standard 12 PHYSICS Unit : 1 Static Electricity -Friction electricity, Charges and their conservation, Coulomb's law-forces acting between two point charges, forces acting among many charge, principle of superposition and continuous charge distribution. -Electric field and its physical interpretation , Electric field of a point charge, electric lin...Read More

  • GUJARAT BOARD Class 11 Syllabus for Physics

    Standard 11 PHYSICS Unit : 1 Physical World and Measurement -Scope and excitement of physics -Physics, technology and society, Fundamental forces in nature, Conservation laws, Examples of the gravitational force, Electromagnetic force and nuclear force from the experiences of day-to-day life ( only qualitative ) -Importance of measurement, Unit...Read More

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