Gujarat Board Syllabus for Math

We always aim at providing quality of educational information to students all over the country. That is why we post the Gujarat Board Syllabus for Maths to help the students of Gujarat education board, one of the old and most eminent regional board of India. Maths is a conceptual subject and to study according to Gujarat Board Syllabus for Maths help students to save lots of time and study only those topics which are in syllabus. All students must follow the syllabus, as it is a kind of guide book which guide the students with the topics and sub-topics that one must follow for preparation of a subject. The syllabuses we upload are to the point so that the students can understand it easily. The Gujarat Board Maths Syllabus covers the topics like – set theory, real numbers, rational indices, profit and loss, simple interest and compound interest, factorization, geometry, mensuration , volume and many other topics of the updated syllabus. As,  correct syllabus guides a student to the right direction of preparation that is why we post the syllabus of different board at our site.
Apart from the Gujarat Board Maths Syllabus we also provide information about course books of the Gujarat boards and also the information about the reference books as in Maths Students needs a quality of books for preparing the notes. Maths do required practice that is why we also provide sample papers, previous year papers on the maths subject and several other subjects of the Gujarat education board. The papers are made by our experts who are very much aware about the subject and the board. Study with proper study material helps students to perform well in the examination. Gujarat Board Maths Syllabus is useful for the students to study in a right direction and study those topics only which are in the syllabus.


Gujarat Board Syllabus for Math by Class
  • GUJARAT BOARD Class 12 Syllabus for Math

    Math Class 12 Syllabus UNIT I. RELATIONS AND FUNCTIONS 1. Relations and Functions :                                                    (10) Periods Types of relations: reflexive, symmetric, transitive and equivalence relations. One to one and onto functions, composite functions, inverse of a function. Binary operations. 2. Inverse Trigonometric Funct...Read More

  • GUJARAT BOARD Class 10 Syllabus for Math

    CLASS X UNIT I : NUMBER SYSTEMS 1. REAL NUMBERS                                    (15) Periods Euclid's division lemma, Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic - statements after reviewing work done earlier and after illustrating and motivating through examples, Proofs of results - irrationality of √2, √3, √5, decimal expansions of rational numbers in terms ...Read More

  • GUJARAT BOARD Class 9 Syllabus for Math

    Course Structure Class IX UNIT I : NUMBER SYSTEMS 1. REAL NUMBERS                               (20) Periods Review of representation of natural numbers, integers, rational numbers on the number line. Representation of terminating / non-terminating recurring decimals, on the number line through successive magnification. Rational numbers as recurring/t...Read More

  • GUJARAT BOARD Class 11 Syllabus for Math

    Course Structure Standard: 11 Maths 1 Collection of Data -Population and Sample -Advantages of Sample Survey -Quantitative and qualitative data -Primary and secondary data. -Difference between primary and secondary data -Methods of collection of primary data : -Direct Inquiry - Merits and demerits -Indirect Inquiry - Merits and demerits -Quest...Read More

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