Gujarat Board Syllabus for Economics

Economics is an interesting subject only when the concepts of the subject is clear in the students mind thus the Gujarat Board Syllabus for Economics is made in such a manner so that students can able to understand the fundamentals of the subject. Those students who have commerce and arts as their streams need to study the subject Economics. This is one of the major subjects of the commerce. As being an education website there are the complete Gujarat Board Syllabus for Economics is provided on the page of edurite boards. The basic topics of the Gujarat Board Economics Syllabus we are providing here so that students would have an idea about the syllabus of the subject. Details of economic problems of India include population, object, poverty and the related studies. Economic growth and development includes the details of views, difference and the features of Indian economy. The more topics like the detailed study of structure of Indian economy, the study of the development programs since 1991, the study about economic reformation after the year 1991is also included in Gujarat Board Economics Syllabus. Parameters that affects the population of the country, the study about poverty, population and unemployment, Study about the Urbanization and the growth after that and Agriculture sector and Industries in India are also in syllabus.
These are the major topics that included in the Gujarat Board Economics Syllabus for 11th standard. For the 12th standard the Gujarat Board Syllabus for Economics is divided n to two parts named Micro and Macro economics and then the topics are included in the syllabus of the subject according to the standard. The topics of both the economics parts Micro and macro with details are listed on edurite boards page. Thus to have the complete Gujarat Board Economics Syllabus classified according to the different classes visit our portal of edurite boards. Along with the Gujarat Board Syllabus for Economics, the sample papers and the previous year question papers are also there with the information of text books.



Gujarat Board Syllabus for Economics by Class
  • GUJARAT BOARD Class 12 Syllabus for Economics

    Standard : 12 PART - 1 (1) Micro Economies (1) Economic Problem. Nature causes m Emergence of economic activities. Their Meaning & illustrations [nature of the problems of scarcity & Abundance (of means) (2) Definitions of Economics. 1.Ideology of the eastern areas 2.Views of kautilaya 3.Ideology of the Western Areas 4.Adam Smith, Marshall...Read More

  • GUJARAT BOARD Class 11 Syllabus for Economics

    Standard: 11 Economics 1. Significance of statistical Details in the studies of Economic problems of India. Objects: a) From the point of view of determining the magnitudes (size) of any economic problem. b) From the point of view of comparative studies. c) From the point f view, of Logical inferences (conclusions). d) From the point of view ...Read More

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