Gujarat Board Syllabus for Biology

The subject Biology is an alternate of the optional subjects for the 11th and 12th class in which students get the knowledge about the human body and the generation of the plants and animals growth. A class wise description of the Gujarat Board Syllabus for Biology is listed on the page of edurite boards. This Gujarat Board Biology Syllabus would be beneficial for the students who are getting education in the schools affiliated with the Gujarat board. In 11th standard, the major topics included in the Gujarat Board Biology Syllabus are provided here. The syllabus starts with the study of Living world.  After the introduction of this the topics like Diversity of life, cell and cell division and the details about Genetics are included in the same class Gujarat Board Syllabus for Biology. After that the knowledge about the Morphology of plants and animals that has numerous sub topics included in the same unit. While the standard of the topics increases in the 12th standard in which Gujarat Board Syllabus for Biology starts with the Psychology of plants and animals. The after going through the growth, development and reproduction, ecology and environment the Gujarat Board Syllabus for Biology lasts with the chapter on Biology and Human welfare which includes all the details about the application and the real life use of the subject.
For the complete detailed Gujarat Board Syllabus for Biology visitor’s needs to move through the edurite website where along with the Gujarat Board Biology Syllabus the other details related to the subject like the sample papers, the previous year question papers and the information of the good text books to study with is provided on the same page. Thus in all the manners the website is beneficial for the visitors. Besides all that the information of the different courses that are provided by the different State and national boards is also listed on the page of edurite boards.

Gujarat Board Syllabus for Biology by Class
  • GUJARAT BOARD Class 12 Syllabus for Biology

    Standard 12 BIOLOGY Unit : 1 Physiology of Plants -Cell as a functional unit, Composition of protoplasm; water relations; Absorption and conduction (Diffusion, osmosis, plasmolysis, permeability, water potential, absorption)  -Theories of ascent of sap - root pressure, suction force transpiration - importance.  Factors affecting rate o transpir...Read More

  • GUJARAT BOARD Class 11 Syllabus for Biology

    Standard 11 BIOLOGY UNIT : 1 LIVING WORLD Biology and its branches; relationships with other sciences; scientific methods in biology; historical break throughs; scope of biology and career options; characters of living organisms (metabolism, transfer of energy at molecular level, open and closed system), homeostasis, growth and reproduction, adapt...Read More

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