Gujarat Board Syllabus for Accountancy

Accountancy is one of the major subjects of commerce stream and it is a conceptual subject in which students needs to pay extra attention towards it. That is why it important for the students to go according to Gujarat Board Syllabus for Accountancy. This stream is chosen by the students for the 11th and 12th class. Gujarat Board Syllabus for Accountancy for both the standards is provided on the page of edurite boards classified according to the class wise description along with the syllabus for different subject also could be found by the students on the same page. Gujarat Board Accountancy Syllabus is important for the students of Gujarat board as syllabus can be considered as a path to move towards the target. Here the target is to pass the examination with good marks so it is must that students should have an idea about what they are preparing for and what they needs to study for the examination. The major topics that are included in the Gujarat Board Accountancy Syllabus for 11th and 12th standard are listed here to provide an idea about the Gujarat Board Syllabus for Accountancy.  For 11th standard, the syllabus starts with the introduction of the subject. Then the topics moves towards to the Accounting concepts and principles. Then Gujarat Board Syllabus for Accountancy covers the topic of Trial balance and rectification of errors then after getting the details of the Bills of exchange students will get to know about the financial statements and their non trading concerns.
Similarly for the 12th standard the Gujarat Board Accountancy Syllabus starts with Partnership accounts and reconstruction of partnership, Dissolution of Partnership firms and then students get an idea about the Share capital transaction. Then moving through the topics like Accounting for debentures and analysis of financial statements this lasts with the Desi Nama System. Here we are providing just an idea about the Gujarat Board Accountancy Syllabus. For the complete Gujarat Board Syllabus for Accountancy visitors have to go through the page of Edurite boards where along with the syllabus they will also get the question papers and information of the text books to practice and study with the appropriate material.

Gujarat Board Syllabus for Accountancy by Class
  • GUJARAT BOARD Class 12 Syllabus for Accountancy

    Standard: 12 Accountancy  UNIT - 1 PARTNERSHIP ACCOUNTS Form of partnership firm - partnership Deed - Meaning and Impact. Special features of partnership final accounts : Fixed v/s fluctuating capital accounts, distribution of profit amongst partners. Adjustments of 11th Std. and relating to Guarantee of profits, Joint life Policy (only explan...Read More

  • GUJARAT BOARD Class 11 Syllabus for Accountancy

    Standard: 11 UNIT - 1 INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING -Accounting : Meaning, objectives, Accounting information - its types & forms, Advantages & Limitations. -Qualitative characteristics of Accounting information Reliability, Relevance, understandability, comparability. -Basic Accounting terms : Economic transaction, Capital, Drawings, Liabili...Read More

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