Gujarat Board Psychology Syllabus for Class 12

Gujarat Board Syllabus for Class 12 Psychology

Standard : 12

UNIT 1 : Intelligence

-What is intelligence ?
-Approaches to understand intelligence (Gardner, Sternberg, J. R Das)
-Culture and intelligence
-measurement of intelligence
-Special abilities : Aptitude [Nature and Measurement]

UNIT 2 : Ego and Personality

-Approach towards ego and personality.
-Concept of ego and self - control
-Indian view about self
-Approaches related to study of personality
-Types of personality (Type A, Type B, Type C, Personalities Bos)
-Special abilities
-Measurement of personality - Projective Measures Analysis by

UNIT 3 : Group Process and Social effects

-Introduction, nature of group,
-Formation of group
-Types of group
-Factors affecting types of group,
-Acceptance and obedience
-Effect of group on behaviour of an individual
-Leadership nature and functions 
-Types of leadership

UNIT 4 : Psychological Trends and Social

-Definition and nature of psychological trends
-Formation and Transformation
-Prejudice and differences
-Internal conflicts

UNIT 5 : Coping with Challenges

-What is adjustment ?
-Nature of Stress origin of stress, types of stress.
-Coping with stress
-Mental Health (Optimism and success, factors determining positive health and happiness)

UNIT 6 : Mental………..

-What is abnormal behaviour ?
-Classification of deviances,
-Factors responsible for abnormal behaviour
-Main Psychological abnormalities
-Behavioural abnormalities
-Personal abnormalities

UNIT 7 : Approaches towards Treatment

-Introduction, nature and process
-Types of treatment
-Biomedical counseling
-Psycho-dynamic behavioural
-Yoga meditation
-Rehabilitation of mentally ill

UNIT 8 : Environment and behaviour

-Relation between individual and environment (personal, ……, regional)
-Environmental stress and its effects
-Noise pollution
-Natural Calamities
-Encouraging environment a approach
-Renewable use of energy
-Protection (green house effect)

UNIT 9 : Institutional Psychology or Organizational Psychology

-Formation and functions of
-Selection of employee
-Evaluation of work
-Work inspiration
-Advertisement and marketing

UNIT 10 : Psychology and Social Problems

-Social Problems poverty, deprivation of social opportunities,
-Challenges towards National organizations
-Gender differences
-Population explosion
-Effects of means of communication and ..........

UNIT 11 : Necessary skills to be a successful Psychologist

-Development as a Psychologist
-Skills to conduct interviews
-Skills to advice

UNIT 12 : Statistics in Psychology

-What is Statistics ?
-Types of Statistics
-Descriptive Statistics
-Standard of measurement
-Graphical presentation of information and data
-Bar graph
-Multi m angle graph
-Measurement of central tendency
-Standard deviation and
-Concept of Co-relation
-General distribution through curve

Semester 3 and 4 Practical
5 Experiments to be done on the basis of chapters like intelligence, personality, Aptitude, Adjustment, Attitude, Self concept, Anxiety

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