Gujarat Board English Core Syllabus for Class 11

Gujarat Board Syllabus for Class 11 English Core

Class XI
One Paper                   3 Hours                  Marks 100

1. Reading an unseen passage and a poem                                  20 Marks (35 Periods)
(a) Literary or discursive passage of about 500-600 words                 12
(b) A poem of about 15 lines                   08

2. Writing                               20 Marks (35 Periods)
(a) To write an essay on an argumentative/discursive/reflective/or descriptive topic (150 words)            10
(b) To write a composition such as an article, a report, a speech (150 words)                 10

3. Seminar                 10 Marks 
Presentation of a book review, a play, a short story, a novel, novella (tale, fable, parable) to be followed by a question answer session 25
Poetry reading to be followed by interpretative tasks based on cloze reading and literary analysis of the text.
Critical review of a film or a play
Conducting a theatre workshop to be followed by a discussion
Note: The above activities would develop skills, analytical skills, spoken skills and literary criticism.

4. Text for detailed study                                     30 Marks (75 Periods)
Prose                         20 Marks 
(a) Two passages for comprehension with short question answers testing deeper interpretation and drawing inferences (04 × 2)          08
(b) Two questions for testing global comprehension (Any One to be answered in 100 words)             06
(c) Two short answer type questions testing comprehension to be answered in a paragraph of about 30-40 words each               06

Poetry                        10 Marks 
(a) One extract from the prescribed poems for comprehension and literary interpretation                         04
(b) One out of two questions on the prescribed poems for appreciation to be answered in 100 words                        06

5. Drama - Arms and the Man                       10 Marks ( 20 Periods)
(a) One out of two questions to be answered in about 150-200 words to test the evaluation of characters, events and episodes.

6. Fiction                              10 Marks (20 Periods)
(a) One question to be answered in about 150 words for the analysis of characters, events, episodes and interpersonal relationships.        06
(b) Two out of three short answer type questions to be answered in about 30-40 words on content, events and episodes.                  (2×2) 04

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