Gujarat Board Business Studies Syllabus for Class 11

Gujarat Board Syllabus for Class 11 Business Studies

Business Studies
Class 11

Unit - 1 Form of Business & Objects

-Concept of Business & its characteristic features
-Business-Profession & service - Their outstanding characteristic features.
-Objects of Business Economic objectives & Social objectives
-Business Risks & Uncertain - ties – Their Nature & Causes.
-Role of Profit in the Business
-Development of Business Activities in India - Comparative picture of the past with the present development.

Unit - 2 Organization of Business

-Classification of Business activities - Commerce & Industry
-Classification of Industries
-Basic (Core), Infrastructure & Salesicliavey
-Trade & its kinds
-E-commerce - its meaning, opportunities & Merits, Means necessary to make E-Commerce a success, security & precautions (necessary) for Business Transactions.
-Out-Sourcing - Services available from external sources - Financial Services, Advertising Services, Courier Services & Consumer Oriented services - Their Nature, Need & Kinds.

Unit-3 Services & Business

-Need for Banking services - Types of Banks, Functions of commercial banks.
-Insurance Service guiding Principles of Insurance concept - Type of Insurance - Life Insurance & general Insurance (Fire -Insurance & Marine Insurance), Insurance so cover-up (cloths) other risk, Medi Claim. (Health) Insurance.

-Communication services - Posts & Telecom.
-Role of the Development of Modern Means of Communication.
-FAX, Internet, E-mail - Their Meaning & Utility
-Wave housing services Type of Wave houses & Functions.

Unit - 4 Forms of Business - Ownership & their Formation.

-Meaning, Characteristic Features, Merits & Limitations of the following forms of Business ownership.
-Individual Entrepreneurship business (Sole Tradex)
-Partnership – Main Constituents of partnership deep, kinds of partners, Formation of partnership & registration.
-H.U.F. Business
-Co-operative society
-Joint Stock Company
-Types of Company
-Private Co., Public Co. & Deemed Public Cos., Privileges of Private Cos.
-Selection of form of ownership
-Factors to be considered at the time of selecting the Appropriate Form of ownership.
-Opportunities & scope of Developing a small scale unit (S.S.I.)


-Private sector & Public sector
-Forms of PS.U.s-Department Form, Public Corporation Form & the Government Go.
-Changing Role of P.S.Us.
-Multinational Cos., - Meaning & Characteristic Features.

Unit-6 Formation of a Company.

-Stages in the formation of a co.
-Idea conception Preliminary work stage.
-To obtain in the certificate of Incorporation (Registration stage) - Processed.
-To obtain the certificate to commence the business (certificate of trading stage) - Procedure.

Unit - 7 Sources of Procurement of Business Capital.

-Nature of Capital & Significance
-Classification of capital & Need of Capital
-Long term Capital
-Medium term Capital
-Short term Capital
-Services of procurement of capital - Ownership sources & Borrowed capital sources.
-Equity shares & preference share.
-Debentures - Bonds - kind of debentures - Secured, Non-Secured, Convertible &
-Plunging week of Profits.
-Public Deposits.
-Foreign capital - Sources - their significance

-Institutional Finance - Objects, Methods of lending by public financial institutions, financing cos.
Non-Banking financial cos. (Other them Banking), Investment Trusts & Mutual Funds, Institutional Financing for small scale business.

Unit-08 Internal Trade

-Meaning & Kinds.
-Wholesale Trade - Functions & Services.
-Retail Trade - Meaning types, Features, Merits & Limitations.
-Moule shops & shops established at a place.
-Departmental stores.
-Chain stores
-Mail Order houses -Their franchise
-Sugar Market
-Direct Trading, Tele-Marketing, Internet Marketing

Unit - 09 Foreign Trade

-Nature & Significance
-Means to promote export trade
-Import & Export procedure & the documents involved in small trade.
-Export processing zone & special Economic zones - their nature & significance.

The students are expected to prepare & submit their project report on any of the
following Three topics

-Procedures of formation & Development of a Business unit.
-Measures observed by the Traders for consumer satisfaction.
-Close observation of the business activities by a trader (A Day with the trader or A traders Day out)
-Merits of the service rendered by a bank in comparison with other local banks in the particular area.
-Study of postal & local courier services
-Comprehensive study of an sole trader unit or a partnership firm in the local area.
-Comprehensive study of any H.U.F. business unit in the area.
-Study of any co-operative society.
-Study of the sources of procurement of finance for S.S.Us.
-Study of any Gujari or Hat (Weekly shops)
-Study of mobile traders on the pavement of the commercial areas.
-Contribution & Collection / presentation of the details apposed in the News papers, Magazines etc.
-Specimen of the Documents & their critical study which are used/employed by the Banks & Insurance Cos.

Unit-07 Controlling

-Meaning & Importance.
-Close Relationship of planning & controlling.
-Stages in the process of controlling.

Unit-08 Functional areas of Mgmt.

-Human Resource Development Mgmt.
-Marketing Mgmt.
-Financial Mgmt.
-Production Mgmt.

Unit-09 Consumer Interest Protection.

-Meaning of consumer Interest protections.
-Rights of consumer.
-Responsibilities of consumers.
-Measures of consumer Interest protection & its methods.

Unit-10 Business Environment

-Meaning & Importance
-Forces affecting Business - environment - Political economic, social & Legal (Legislative)
-Economic Environment in India.
-Effects of Liberalization & globalization effective from New Industrial policy 1991 & policy amended by the Govt.
-Mgmt. Views on the dynamism of business environment

Unit-11 Social Accountability& Business morality

-Concept of social accountability
-Social responsibility & need of H.R.O.
-Responsibility towards owners / investors, employees, consumers, government.
-Business & Removal of Pollution.
-Business Morality - Concept & Elements.

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