Chhattisgarh Board

The Chhattisgarh Board of Education is also known as CGBSE. The Board was brought existence on 20th January, 2001 by the state Government under the Act 1965. Following the notification of F. 10-5-/13/2001, the Board was formed to cater to the education needs of the entire state. Since its foundation, the Board has played a major role in spreading education to all classes of the society. The Board maintains a standard educational structure along with updated syllabus. It provides education to a vast area including the 18 districts of the entire state. The Board maintains its administrative and educational functions through several schools.

The Chhattisgarh Board of Education conducts and supervises the exams from class I to XII. The Board handles the Secondary exam and the Intermediate Exam annually. The Board conducts research, and based on that, the syllabus is evaluated. According to the current demands, the Board maintains the updated syllabus for each class. The Board takes care of the quality of education, and for better maintenance, it has distributed its work in different committees including the Executive committee, the Result committee, the Examination Committee, the Finance committee, the Recognition Committee and others.

The Board has three divisional headquarters to cater uninterrupted to administrative operations. The divisional headquarters are located at Raipur, Bilaspur and Jagdalpur. The Board conducts the High School exam, the Higher Secondary Exam and the Higher Secondary Professional Exam. Apart from these, a Diploma in Education and a Diploma in Physical Education are also conducted. Regular, Swadyayi and correspondence exams are also conducted.

The Functions of the Board:


  • The Board maintains a standard educational structure from the primary to the Intermediate level.


  • The Board supervises and maintains the High School and Intermediate exams including D. Ed and Diploma in Physical education.

  • The Board evaluates the curriculum and promotes suitable text books.

  • It monitors the entire educational process for correspondence courses

  • The Board takes necessary step to serve the uniformity of education to varied people in the society

  • The Board adopts motivational programs and other activities to encourage pupils and teachers

  • Merit exams are conducted and Scholarships are given to meritorious students.

  • The Board provides recognition to the other schools in the state

  • The Board is involved in improving the whole educational system

  • It takes necessary steps to boost up the deprived communities.