Chhattisgarh Board Syllabus

The Chhattisgarh Board of Education is responsible for the entire educational process of the state. It meets the educational needs of the state as per the present demands. The board not only conducts examinations for different classes, but also evaluates the syllabus. It adds new and amended teaching methods. It maintains an updated syllabus, and helps students acquire knowledge in each subject. The Board motivates students by introducing and encouraging various educational activities. This Board supervises all exams including the final academic examination. After completion of the session, students get their final mark sheets.

The Board is associated with experienced personnel, in order to maintain its academic standard. The syllabus of each class is well structured, and students can easily adapt them. Additionally, the syllabus carries a comprehensive feature, and for that, it becomes familiar with students of a different merit. In the intermediate level, the Board introduces Art, Commerce and Science streams. In the Secondary exam, English, Urdu, Hindi, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Social Science, Economics, Chemistry, Sociology, Geography, History are available.


Chhattisgarh Board Syllabus by class

Chhattisgarh Board Syllabus by Subject

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