CBSE Board

Central Board of Secondary Education in India is one of the biggest education boards facilitating education in India, under the Union government of India. The Board is also responsible for conducting class 10th and class 12th exams and also with it exams such as AIEEE and AIPMT are conducted by CBSE.
As CBSE plays an important role with class 10th, it is the only body responsible for setting up of text book contents, conducting exams on such a huge scale, and also maintains regularly innovations in the way education is imparted to the students.
Class 10th has a major role to play in the Education system psychologically into the minds of students as this is what they have been hearing since their childhood about. Class 10th is the first time students are evaluated on national level. The students before were used of getting evaluated on school level and for them this is the first time they share the podium with so many school students to know where they stand and hence it is and will remain special in the minds of students.
Though Class 10th Boards are now made optional for the students, it was introduced with the belief that this would help in reducing the stress which surrounds students and which also leads to some severe cases of setbacks faced by the students.
Maths in proper of class 10th is again a subject which is designed keeping in mind all the kinds of basic topics which a student might come across while doing his/her higher studies. The topics in the CBSE 10th Class math are selected keeping in mind that student’s post their matrix would be opting for the streams of their choice and some of them might be studying it for the last time in their academics. All the topics added contribute in different ways to the learning of a child.
The Major distribution of topics is:
1.    Number Systems: It includes topics such as real numbers.
2.    Algebra : It includes topics such as polynomials and Linear equations ( two variables )
3.    Geometry: It includes Triangles.
4.    Trigonometry: The topics included in this list are Trigonometric rations, identities, and Angles.
5.    Statistics and Probability: It includes mean, Mode, Median, etc.
6.    Coordinate Geometry: It includes coordinate geometry topics.
7.    Mensuration : Perimeters and Area of Planes, Volumes and surface Area of solids.
The topics above are very important for one's ability to understand all the types of projects, reports, articles, one comes across while working or studying posts his matrix.
All the possible options available after 10th: Diploma, continuing with regular schools with different streams or any other thing which a student opts for will need this basic math in most of arenas if not more. Math is subject of regular practice and the more you practice and master you become in it. So, CBSE board class 10th maths is really the subject to focus and practice on regularly.