CBSE Board Syllabus for Sociology

We are providing the CBSE Board Syllabus for Sociology on our page of edurite boards to broad the knowledge of the visitors and students about the syllabus offered by the CBSE board. There is one theory paper of eighty marks of the subject which needs to be completed in the one hundred and eighty minutes that is three hours. There are units with having different marks of weightage in the subject. These chapters are divided into two sections. The total description about the topics and subtopics of the CBSE Sociology Syllabus is provided below:
Section A: Indian Society
1. Introduction of Indian Society
2. Demographic structure and Indian society
3. Social Institutions- continuity and change
4. Market as a Social institution
5. Pattern of Social inequality and Exclusion
6. Challenges of cultural Diversity
7. Suggestions for project work 
The CBSE Sociology Syllabus included in Section B: Change and development in Indian society
8. Structural Change
9. Cultural Change, The story of Democracy
10. Change an development in Rural Society
11. Change an development in Industrial Society
12. Globalization and Social change
13. Mass India and Communications
14. Social Movements
The remaining twenty marks are for the practical examination. Here the main cause to provide the CBSE Board Syllabus for Sociology on the portal is to provide the idea about the Central Board of Secondary Education syllabus. Colonialism, classes and communities, Regionalism, Caste ism and Patriarchy, about Panchayati Raj etc. all the things are included in the syllabus of the subject Sociology. Along with that, we have also provided the sample papers, guess papers, question banks, previous year question papers for the students so that they can understand the basics of the subjects as to score good marks in any subject, knowledge about basics is important. To download the syllabus and papers, user can visit on our website.