CBSE Board Sample Papers for Sociology

The CBSE has introduced the CBSE sample papers for sociology so that students can learn and understand the subject and the pattern of the question papers which will come in main examination. It is a part Of Science which aims at developing the knowledge of the students regarding the Human social activities and the human societies. CBSE Sociology sample papers are actually made to help students regarding the questions which are asked in the examination. So that students can practice the samples papers and perform good in the examination. CBSE Sociology sample papers are based on the CBSE exams question paper with the word limit required to complete each of the questions. Some questions are very short type, some are very long type. Word limit of each of the questions are given to students, still students will not maintain the word limit. So by solving CBSE sample papers for Sociology they write point to point answer of the questions asked in the examination. Secondly, sample papers focuses on time management which is really important in exams. Some Students have problem with completing the paper on time.
So to minimize this type of problems, students can practice sample paper. CBSE sample papers for sociology are designed by the experts truly according to CBSE exam papers. The main idea behind the sample papers is to increase the knowledge about the subject, to solving their doubts and problems, to make them score better in examination and to understand subject and question paper pattern in better way. On our site you will find Number of CBSE Sociology sample paper. We have also mentioned the year in which that question came and how many times it is repeating and with what changes that question is asked in the examination. We have focused on giving quality of paper so that student feels confident while going in examination.

CBSE Board Sample Papers for Sociology

  • CBSE Board Class 12 Sample Papers for Sociology

    SAMPLE QUESTION PAPER CLASS XII Sociology Max. Marks 80                    Time: 3 hrs. General Instructions 1) Question No. 1 to 14 are of 2 marks each and are to be answered in about 30 words each. 2) Question No. 15 to 21 are of 4 marks each, and are to be answered in about 80 words each. 3) Question No. 22 to 24 are of 6 marks e...Read More

  • CBSE Board Class 10 Sample Papers for Sociology

    SOCIOLOGY  Sample Paper  M. M.:  100         Time: 3hrs. General Instructions 1.Questions 1 to 15 are of 2 marks each, and are to be answered in about 30 words. 2.Questions 16 to 25 are of 4 marks each, and are to be answered in about 80 words. 3.Questions 26 to 29 are of 6 marks each, and are to be answered in about 200 words. 4.Qu...Read More

  • CBSE Board Class 11 Sample Papers for Sociology

    Sample Question Papers Sociology Class – XI Instructions: i. All questions from Section A are compulsory.                     ii. From Section B, attempt questions from any One optional Section A Q1. What was the name of the religion propagated by Akbar?          1 Q2. What are the two sects of Jainism?                       ...Read More

CBSE Board Sample Papers by Years for Sociology