CBSE Board Sociology Sample Papers for Class 11

Sample Question Papers


Class – XI

Instructions: i. All questions from Section A are compulsory.
                    ii. From Section B, attempt questions from any One optional

Section A

Q1. What was the name of the religion propagated by Akbar?          1

Q2. What are the two sects of Jainism?                       1

Q3. What is the meaning of population explosion?                     1

Q4. Define society .                    2

Q5. Differentiate between primary and secondary groups.                  2

Q6. What is meant by social process? Give two examples                      2

Q7. What are the four attributes of science?                        2

Q8. Name the four varnas found in India.                             2

Q9. Write two similarities between Political Sciences and Sociology.       2

Q10. What do you mean by normlessness? Explain.               4

Q11. What are the four characteristics of competition?        4

Q12. Explain the concept of family.                                       4

Q13. Describe any two patterns of social change.                 4

Q14. Explain the concept of Buddhism.                                  4

Q15. What do you understand by communalism?                    4

Q16. Write any four characterization of tribal society.          4

Q17. Differentiate between caste and class.                         4

Q18. How unity can be maintained in India.                          4

Q19. Describe any four ‘pillars’ of Islam?                                4

Q20. Explain the main causes of poverty in India.                  6

Q21. Describe the development of Sociology in India in your own words.                 6

Q22. What is regionalism? Explain its impact on Indian Society.                                 6

Q23. Explain the changes that have taken place in the institution of marriage.         6

Q24. Discuss in detail the role of technical factors in social change.                           6

Section B

Q25. What is feminism?                                                                   1

Q26. Distinguish between sex and gender.                                     2

Q27. What is meant by women’s movement?                                  2

Q28. Write a note on sexual harassment at the work place?           4

Q29. Write about the status of women in medieval period.            6

Q30. Name the four Vedas.                                                                           1

Q31. What are the two characteristics of culture?                                       2

Q32. What is the meaning of Cultural Heritage?                                            2

Q33. Explain the concept cultural lag with examples.                                   4

Q34. Explain the positive and negative impact of television.                       6