CBSE Board Syllabus for Psychology

Psychology subject is an elective subject which is offered by CBSE in Higher Secondary Level.  The CBSE Board Syllabus for Psychology introduce to the students to them the basic ideas, principles and methods that will help them to understand the subject in a much effective way. The  CBSE Board Syllabus for Psychology deals with the complexity of behavioral processes and discourages the cause effect thinking. This subject can be better understood by encouraging critical reasoning, allowing students to appreciate the role of cultural factors in behavior and also by the understanding of biology and experience shape behaviors. During the appreciation of subjectivity, it also motivates the multiplicity of world views.
CBSE Psychology Syllabus is prescribed by the board and every year it is modified for new academic session according to the requirements. There are nine units included in the CBSE Board Syllabus for Psychology for class 12th having different number of weightage. The remaining thirty marks are for the Psychological Testing Practical. These nine units are:
1. Intelligence and Aptitude
2. Self and personality
3. Human strengths and meeting life challenges
4. Psychological disorders
5. Therapeutic Approaches and counseling
6. Attitude and social cognition
7. Social influence and group processes
8. Environmental and Social concerns
9. Applied Psychology

On our Edurite website, according to the CBSE Board Syllabus for Psychology, you will also find some sample papers, guess papers which are made by our experts. By practicing them students can understand the subject and can perform well in examination. CBSE introduces the CBSE Psychology Syllabus in the starting of the session so that whatever students will study, they will study according to syllabus and thus it will save their time and can understand the basic concept of the subject. It is only to minimize the stress of Syllabus and exams from the students mind.