CBSE Board Syllabus for Political Science

CBSE Political Science Syllabus Political science refers to the subject of the social science that introduces the students with the study of state, government and politics. If students are interested in politics then definitely they need to clear their concepts and misconception of the subject to get prepare for the future issues or related studies. This is totally a theoretical subject and the CBSE Board Syllabus for Political Science is listed below. In two sections the syllabus for the subject political science named
A) Politics in India since independence
B) Contemporary world politics
Both the sections include fifty four and forty six marks in the final session examination. There are total eighteen chapters with the different number of weightage. These chapters contain the following topics:-Era of one party dominance, Nation Building and its problems, Politics of planned development, India's external relations, challenges to and restoration of congress system, Crisis of the constitutional order, Regional aspirations and conflicts, Rise of new Social movements, Democratic upsurge and coalition parties, Recent issues and challenges, Cold war era in world politics and Disintegration of the second world and the collapse of bipolarity, US dominance in world politics and Alternative centers of Economic and political power and South Asia in the post cold war Era, International organizations in a unipolar world, Security in contemporary world, Globalization and its critics. In the CBSE Board Syllabus for Political Science the chapters from 11th to 15th are from the second section and the others are from the first section.
All the information about the syllabus can be easily found on our edurite website. The main objective to provide the information about the CBSE Political Science Syllabus is to provide the knowledge about the subject to the students. This is one the subjects that is offered by the CBSE board to the students through the schools affiliated with the board.