CBSE Board Class 11 Math Previous Year Question Papers 2011

CBSE Board Previous Year Question Papers 2011 for Class 11 Math

Previous Paper – 2011
Class – XI
Subject - Mathematics

1. Write down all possible subsets of{1. ,{1}}

2. Show that, {[(())]}4nPPPφ=.

3. For any three sets ,AB andC, show using Venn diagram, ()()(ABCABAC∩−=∩−∩.

4. If and()700,()200,()300nUnAnB===()1nAB∩=, find('')nAB∩.

5. In a survey it was found that 21 people liked product A, 26 liked product B and 29 liked product C. If 14 people liked product A and B, 12 people liked products C and A, 14 people liked product B and C and 8 people liked all the three products. Find how many liked product C only.

6. Find the domain and the range of the real function f defined by()1fxx=−.

7. Find the domain and range of2()9gxx=−.

8. Let. Let {1,2,3,4,6}A=R be the relation of A defined by {(,):,,ababAb∈is exactly divisible by }a
1i) Write R is roster form.
2ii) Find the Domain of R
3iii) Find the Range ofR.

9. Find the domain and range of()13fxx=−−.

10. Solve, 25,3xRx>∈−.

11. Solve this inequality graphically: 210,1,0,0,0xyxyxyxy+≤+≥−≤≥≥.

12. Solve graphically:0,0,36,1447,1843,332≥≥≤−≤+−≤+≥+yxyxyxyxyx.

13. A manufacturer has 600 litres of a 12% solution of acid. How many litres of a 30% acid solution must be added to it so that acid content in the resulting mixture will be more than 15% but less than 18%?

14. Find the value oftan()8π.

15. Prove that, cotcot2cot2cot3cot3cot1xxxxxx−−.

16. Prove that, 22sin6sin4sin2sin10xxx−=.

17. Solve, cos. 3coscos20xxx+−=

18. If 3tan,42xxππ=<<, find the value of sin,cos22xx and tan2x.

19. If 1cot2α= and5sec3β−=, where 3(,)2παπ∈ and(,)2πβπ∈, find the value of tan()αβ+.

20. Solve, tantan2tantan21θθθθ++.

21. Prove that, t. an70tan202tan50=+

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