CBSE Board Syllabus for Home Science

1. For better results, students need to study from the CBSE Home Science Syllabus which is issued by the CBSE Board. Home Science Syllabus includes the topics like Concept and Scope of Home Science, Food and it relation to health, Methods of cooking, Functions of home. Resource Management, Fabric and Apparel science, Food and Nutrition, Communication and Extension, Human development etc. The CBSE Board syllabus of Home Science also gives knowledge about the types of family, Food, Nutrition, nutrients, balanced diet etc. The subject Home Science gives education on how to cook different types of things? How to be social? It is very interesting and scoring subject. A balanced attitude with logical mind is the base of the career in home science. This field deals with both of the field’s, science and arts. After the completion of the school education, students can apply for the B.S.C. degree for graduation. The bachelor’s degree can be completed in both the pass and honors level. On our edurite website, we have given information about all the subjects of all classes with the study material for the students to save their time in searching for the things at different places.  For this subject, students need to choose any one subject as their stream for the subject home science. After the completion of the school education there are many colleges in India in which students can get admission. This subject is offered by CBSE for the students who have interest in this field.
On our edurite website, students can get the information about the practical CBSE Home Science Syllabus. We have also provided the information about the books, reference books, sample papers, guess papers, so that student will get complete knowledge about the subject. We have also explained the topics which are included in the syllabus. For further details, users can easily access on our website and all the information can be found and downloaded easily.  
CBSE Board Syllabus for Home Science by Class