CBSE Board Class 12 Home Science Previous Year Question Papers 2009

CBSE Board Previous Year Question Papers 2009 for Class 12 Home Science


Time : 3 Hours ] [ Max i mum Marks : 80
Note  : (i) This Question Paper consists of  two Sections, viz., ‘A’ and ‘B’.
(ii) All questions from Section ‘A’ are to be attempted.
(iii) Section ‘B’ has  two options. Candidates are required to attempt questions
from  one option only.
(iv) Draw neat, clean and  labeled diagrams wherever necessary.


1. Mention  one wage employment and  one  entrepreneurship a person can
undertake after studying Home Science. 1

2. Mention any two functions of vitamin C. 1

3. Why is buying debentures a safer method of saving as compared to shares? 1

4. What is babbling? Mention the age at which the child starts babbling. 1

5. Mention any  two components and any  one  indicator of good health. 2

6. What are micronutrients? State their importance. 2

7. Define resources and classify material goods, energy, skill and community
facilities under their respective categories. 2

8. Enlist two services and two beneficiaries of the National Nutritional Anaemia
Control Programme (NNACP). 2

9. What is a  ‘grameen sheetal’? Describe it in brief. 2

10. Mrs. Raman observes that the pattern of development of her 2-year-old child is
same as her elder son when he was 2 years old. Explain why. 2

11. Which kind of odour and residue are obtained by burning cotton and wool
fibres? 2

12. Consumer education helps in developing a strong consumer movement. What
is the role played by consumer movement in protecting the consumer interests? 4

13. What is fatigue? Give a schematic representation of the types of fatigue. 4

14. Mention any  four developmental tasks of adolescents. 4

15. Mention any  four ways of dealing with the problem of a child labour. 4

16. Name the weave found in mulmul dupatta and state any three characteristics of
this weave. 4

17. Define nutritional status and malnutrition. What are different types of
malnutrition? Give  one  example for each type. 4

18. State  four reasons for cooking food before consuming it. 4

19. After studying Home Science, suggest any  two employment opportunities that
are available to Rima in the areas of interior designing and consumer studies. 4

20. What are the properties of reducing bleaches? Give  two examples of reducing
bleaches. 6

21. What is a solar cooker? List any four advantages of using a solar cooker. 6

22. Which are sexually transmitted diseases? Name two diseases and list any four
symptoms of STDs. 6

23. Mention  two precautions to be followed while cleaning a painted surface. 2

24. Neera wants to buy brushes for cleaning carpet and cobwebs. Guide her as to
which type of brush she should buy for cleaning these two surfaces. 2

25. List the ingredients and the method for preparing metal polishes. 4
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26. State the points of personal grooming that should be kept in mind by the
housekeeping personnel for maintaining the reputation of an organisation. 4