CBSE Board Class 12 Home Science Previous Year Question Papers 2008

CBSE Board Previous Year Question Papers 2008 for Class 12 Home Science

Code No. 69/1
Roll No.
Time allowed: 3 hours] [Maximum marks: 70
General Instructions:
(i) All questions are compulsory.
(ii) Marks for each question are indicated against it.
(iii) Read each question carefully and answer to the point.
(iv) All parts of a question should be attempted together.

1. How much energy and protein is provided daily by the supplementary food given to the pregnant
women under the Intergraded Child Development Services Scheme?

2. Name any one common adulterant that is found in mustard oil and give its ill effect on health.

3. Give two advantages of using nylon fabric for making clothes.

4. How does our occupation influence our selection of clothes?

5. Which emotion will one year old Sudha show on not finding her mother near her?

6. Which mark should Anita look for on a rice bag to ensure that she buys good quality rice?

7. Show Radha the format in which she should record her daily household expenditure.

8. Briefly explain any two ways by which knowledge and skills acquired in Home Science can
help in supplementing the family income.
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Serial SSR/1

9. List four common characteristics of infectious diseases.

10. Name four types so stains. Give on example of each type.

11. How will you detect the presence of iron filings and artificial colour in tea leaves?

12. During delivery what kind of problems can lead to physical and mental disability in children?

13. What is the meaning of ‘money income’ and ‘psychic income’? Give one example of each.

14. List two special needs of disable children. What should be done to meet these needs?

15. Gove four advantages of buying products having a certification mark of the Bureau of Indian

16. Briefly explain giving two reasons why is it important to keep household accounts?

17. Abha is young girl who is suffering from whooping cough. What methods will you use for
prevention of this disease?

18. What is a balanced meal? Example with a suitable example.

19. To prevent food borne infections enumerate six precautions that should be taken by food
handlers about cleanliness while cooking and serving food.

20. Explain any three factors which influence the selection of clothes for an individual.

21. Describe three points that should be kept in mind while selecting an appropriate method of

22. Give the importance of safe drinking water on good health of individuals.

23. Why is substitute care the child needed? Explain with any three reasons.

24. What is the impotence of emphasis in design in clothing? Explain with two examples.

25. Prashant wants to by a good readymade shirt. Give sex points you will tell him to consider
before making this purchase.

26. Akshay wants to make in vestments that would also help him get some tax benefits. Suggest any
two methods of such investment also state two reasons each for making the choice.

27. Describe any four factors which influence language development in children.

28. Enumerate four rights and four responsibilities of a consumer.

29. Differentiate between soaps and detergents used for washing clothes.

30. Suggest a suitable lunch menu for a lactating mother. Give reasons for your selection of the