CBSE Board Home Science Sample Papers for Class 10

Home Science

Note: All Questions are compulsory Max Marks-85
Time 2 ½ hrs.
1. In order to give a diet containing good quality protein to your family, you can use.
(a) germination
(b) combination
(c) fermentation
(d) conservation
1. Name the common part present in iron toaster and geyser, which works as
safeguard against overheating.  1
(a) thermostat
(b) fus e
(c) cord
(d) switch
3. Malaria can be diagnosed by testing  1
(a) blood
(b) urine
(c) stool
(d) spit
4. A child of 3 years old can speak sentences made of  1
(a) 3-4 words
(b) 5-6 words
(c) 7-8 words
(d) 10-12 words
5. The maximum energy-giving nutrient is  1
(a) Minerals
(b) Proteins
(c) Carbohydrates
(d) Fats
6. You will generally not find water closets in villages because they  1
(a) Need experts to construct
(b) Need a lot of water
(c) Are difficult to use
(d) Are a western form of latrine
7. An example of human resource is  1(a) Money
(b) Knowledge
(c) Land
(d) Material goods
8. Give one reason why 2
(a) You cannot use nylon for making towels
(b) A silk saree cannot be scrubbed hard while washing.
9 Write four problems seen in society due to the lack of values.  2
10. After doing Home Science, Rita is looking for jobs. Educate her about
four areas  where she can get employment.  2
11. Which two diseases spread through infected food and water? How can
these be controlled? 2
12. Which cleaning material can Mala use to clean bathroom tiles and brass
taps in her home? 2
13. List any four possible conditions when Rahul can become a victim of  2
14. List any two qualities you would look for, while buying a bed sheet.  2
15. Lokesh is 30 yrs. old. He wants to save his money for future use.
He is thinking of either buying jewelry or investing in Public Provident
Fund. Help him make a decision, giving at least two advantages for your
choice. 2
16. State any three qualities a fabric for rainy season should have.  3
17. Mention any four diseases that spread through air. Suggest one measure
you could take to prevent the spread of such diseases.  3
18. What are the three most common signs of pregnancy? 3
19. Support these three statements with the help of an example each.
Development  occurs
a) from head to legs
b) from centre of body towards outside.
c) at different rate at different age levels. 3
20. Give three reasons why you think preserving food is necessary? 3
21. Name any four types of fabrics available in the market. Compare any
two on the basis of their heat conduction property.  3
22. Which six qualities should you check before buying a readymade
suit for your mother? 3
23. Your friend Roop has just become pregnant. Keeping in mind the
statement that ‘ only a healthy woman gives birth to a healthy baby’,explain to her the kind of food she should eat. 3
24. Radha wants to decorate her home with the help of pictures. Which
three steps of planning she should keep in mind, before evaluating
the decoration of  her house? 3
25. Why are consumer aids important to a consumer? Describe any two  5
such aids.
26. What are the major points you must keep in mind while selecting a 5
27. How will you help your younger sister to prepare for marriage? 5
28. Convince your friend about the need to save money from her monthly 5
29. There was a fire at Sheela’s house. Identify six possible causes for this. 5
30. Point out four nutritional requirements of adolescent girls staying in a hostel.
Suggest two dishes which will be appropriate for them. Give justification for
your choice.  5
31. Describe the removal of garbage from your home. How frequently do
you remove it? Why? What precaution will you take if you have to
keep it for a day? Why? 5