CBSE Board Sample Papers for History

History is a very interesting subject, if the students will do studies with concentration. For the same, we have provided CBSE Board Sample Papers for History on our edurite website. The sample papers will help students to know about questions asked by CBSE Board in the examinations. Central Board of Secondary Education in short CBSE who is an autonomous body conducts the examination of class 10th and class 12th. CBSE gives affiliation to the school that have English as their medium of education. Many students have doubts in their mind regarding the syllabus, marking patterns of the CBSE. On our website, we not only provides the History Sample Paper for CBSE, But we also provides the sample paper of every subject which CBSE offered to the students. We have the sample papers for all classes, but we are giving importance to 10th and 12th exams. CBSE Board Sample Papers of History helps students to know how the same questions can be framed in different manner. It also helps students to frame their answers according to word limit. We have mix questions in CBSE History Sample Paper which contains questions from previous year examination. We have given the year wise details of the question and marks that each question contains with word limit. We have also given the information about the topics which are in history. We have also explained the topic in a easiest way, so that it will be helpful for the student to grab the concept easily.
You will also find information about some reference books which can be useful for the students to do more studies. The CBSE Board Sample Papers for History can are completely based on CBSE Syllabus and CBSE pattern. The main idea behind providing information to the students about the sample papers is to make student familiar with the questions asked in the examination. 

CBSE Board Sample Papers for History

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                                                                SAMPLE QUESTION PAPER HISTORY CLASS XII General Instructions 1. Answer all the questions. Marks are indicated against each question. 2. Answers to questions carrying 2 marks should not exceed 30 words 3. Answers to questions carrying 5 marks should not exceed 100 words. ...Read More

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CBSE Board Sample Papers by Years for History