CBSE Board Class 11 History Previous Year Question Papers 2005

CBSE Board Previous Year Question Papers 2005 for Class 11 History


1.What do you mean by Fossil ?

2.Discuss the way of life of Homo Sapiens.

3.Mention the characteristics of UR city of Mesopotamia.

4.How was the holy Roman Empire established ?

5.Who founded the faith of Islam and when ?

6.What is Frankincense ?

7.What do you mean by Nomadic Empires ?

8.Which country had declared national hero to Changage Khan ?

9.What do you mean by Crusades ?

10. Throw light on the teachings of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad.

11. Discuss the causes of the decline of the Mongol Empire.

12. What is Manor System ?

13. Give the names of any four Italian cities which were the centres of ‘‘New Learning’’.

14. What monasteries ?

15. Give the names of famous works of Leonardo Da Vinci.

16. Discuss the characteristics of slavery system of Kango State. was the function

17. Who was Christopher Columbus ?

18. Write the merit and demerit of Medieval Church.

19. Describe the main features of Feudalism.

20. When the Spinning Jenny Machine was discovered and what were its benefits ? 2

21. Discuss the aims of Trade Union.

22. Who were Red Indians ?

23. For what purpose the first settlements were established in Australia by the British ?

24. What do you mean by Opium War ?

25. What were the three principal of Sun-Yat- Sen ?

26. Why did the Industrial Revolution first come in England ? Discuss the Modernization of Japan.

28. On the given outline of Map show the Mongol Empire.

29. On the given outline of map show any five Iron and Coal production areas.