CBSE Board Syllabus for Hindi

Hindi CBSE syllabus 2013 involves assessing the scholars in cyclic manner throughout the academic session. There are two variations in the subject- Hindi A and Hindi B. Evaluations are done on periodic basis in the form of Summative (SA 1 and SA 2) and Formative assessments time-periods being April – September and October – March.

CBSE Hindi syllabus A and B of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) involves study of four sections that will enhance reading and writing skills, grammar and study of literature. Grading will be given at the end of terms instead of marks. SA’s will be given 60 % weightage and Formative assessments will be given remaining 40 % weightage throughout the course study.

The students will have to submit various projects decided by the schools according to standard CBSE board Hindi syllabus. In the first and second terms, two Formative assessments and one Summative Assessment each will be considered. The total marks will be 100 (40 for first term and 80 for second term). According to CBSE board Hindi syllabus, all Formative assessments will carry 20 marks individually. Summative assessment 1 will be of 20 marks and Summative assessment 2 will be of 40 marks.

Hindi CBSE syllabus (both for syllabuses A and B) 2013 has been divided into two sections for the two terms. A student's reading and understanding skills, effective writing abilities, literature proficiency and grammatical accomplishments related to the language which will be judged and improved in all the terms. The curriculum has been designed to enhance the vocabulary and written and spoken communication of the national language.

CBSE Board Syllabus for Hindi by Class