CBSE Board Sample Papers for Geography

Geography is one of the subject of Social Science, and here on our edurite website, we are providing CBSE Board Sample Papers for Geography for the students for practice. Basically Central Board of Secondary Education conducts the examination for the 10th and 12th standards. The 12th standard subject's are divided into three streams Science, commerce and Arts. The subject Geography is the subject of the branch Arts where as the subject Economic Geography is the subject of the branch Commerce. Here on the edurite web page we have the Geography Sample Papers of CBSE board for the Arts students and also for the students of other classes. If we talk about class 12th Board exam, Geography test papers for the final examination consist of twenty six questions and all the questions are compulsory. Students have to answer the entire question to get good marks in the examination. The total time to attempt these twenty six questions is only three hours and fifteen minutes are extra given to the students to read the question paper first. So by practicing the CBSE Board Sample Papers for Geography, Student can solve the question paper within the time limit.
All the questions are divided in some sections like from question one to ten are the short answer type questions. The Geography Sample Papers of CBSE, it is according to the paper of the final examination. The questions between eleven to twenty, are the questions needed to be answered within eighty words. The questions from 21st to 25th are the long answer type questions and answered within the world limit one hundred and fifty words. The last question is related to the map work and the geographical features are to be pointed on the map. The CBSE Geography Sample Papers that are provided on the edurite boards page includes all the detail about these type of questions and a number of question are there, so that after practicing with the Geography Sample Paper of CBSE board, students need not to think about the pattern of the question paper and they could be able to attempt the question paper in the final examination with the confidence.

CBSE Board Sample Papers for Geography

  • CBSE Board Class 12 Sample Papers for Geography

    Sample Question Paper GEOGRAPHY (Theory) CLASS XII Time : 3 hrs.  Max. Marks : 70 General Instructions: 1.  There are 26 questions in all. 2.  All questions are compulsory. 3.  Marks for each question are indicated against it. 4.  Question numbers 1 to 10 are very short answer questions carrying 1 mark each. Answer to each of these ...Read More

CBSE Board Sample Papers by Years for Geography

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