CBSE Board Class 11 Geography Previous Year Question Papers 2011

CBSE Board Previous Year Question Papers 2011 for Class 11 Geography


1.Answer any ten questions from Group –A, five
2.questions from Group–B and four
3.questions from Group –C.

1.Answer this questions :

(i)Which is the transparent gas for incoming solar radiation and opaque for outgoing terrestrial radiation ?

(ii)Where intertropical convergence zone normally occurs ?

(iii) Which process is responsible for the heating of the atmosphere ?

(iv) Which system of classification is related to Koppen’s system ?

(v)Name the main constituents of granite.

(vi) What amount of salt in grams express the salinity of ocean water ?

(vii) Name the smallest and biggest ocean.

(viii) In how many types are the Himalayan vegetation classified ? Name them.

(ix) Where do we find black soil areas in India ?

(x)On which scale is the intensity of earthquake measured ?

(xi) Why do major floods not occur in southern peninsula ?

(xii) What factors controls the distribution of temperature over the Indian sub- continent ?

(xiii) Name the water body which separate Andaman and Nicobar.

(xiv) Where we find ‘Karewa formation’ ?

(xv) Name three rivers that flow into the Arabian Sea.

2.Why is Geography often called the mother of

3.Differentiate topography and relief.

4.Is weathering essential as pre-requisite in the formation of soils ? Why ?

5. Write an explanatory note on the ‘Big Bang

6. How do glaciers accomplish the work of reducing high mountains into low hills and

7. Identify the landslide prone areas of India and suggest some measures to mitigate the disaster caused by them.

8. What is monsoon brust ? Explain south-west and north-east monsoon.

9.Why the western coastal plain is devoid of

10.Give three important characteristics of the monsoon rainfall.

11.What do you mean by social forestry ?

12.Describe the characteristics of black soil.

13. ‘Geography as a discipline is concerned with three sets of questions : what, where and why.’ Explain this statement.

14. If you move from Badrinath to Sundarban Delta along the course of river Ganga, what major geomorphological features you will come across ?

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