CBSE Board Syllabus for Functional English

CBSE wants their students to do studies according to the syllabus provided by CBSE, for the same, the CBSE Functional English Syllabus is given on our website. Our aim is to help student in doing studies and preparation according to the CBSE Board Syllabus for Functional English. The CBSE Syllabus mainly focuses on reading, writing, listening and speaking skills of the students. We are mentioned below the some of the topics which are included in the syllabus of CBSE Board:
1) To increase the reading ability- for improving reading skills one has to go through different reference articles, dictionary, encyclopedia and other books. One also has to need to understand the writer’s thoughts while reading and need to extract ideas from the book.
2) To increase the writing ability- this topic of CBSE Functional English Syllabus focuses on improving writing abilities. One has to become good in writing letters, business letters, précis, email etc. One also needs to learn writing articles, comprehension and composition.
3)  To increase listening ability.
4) To increase speaking ability – one must learn to speak fluent and correct English.
The CBSE Board Syllabus for Functional English is made with the aim of increasing and perfecting the student’s ability to write, read and speak English, also to develop their future in the right direction so that a student does not feel insecure and must not have less confidence while speaking or writing English.
Our website that’s why focuses on bringing the latest and updated CBSE Functional English Syllabus to the student so that it helps the students in preparing before the final exams. The syllabus will help the students during preparation of exam as it is short and to the point and will lessen the pressure and tension of the students and will help the students to gain confidence as this subject only requires good practicing of  functional English subject. To know the separate Syllabus for Functional English, just go through our website for more information.